Friday, May 4, 2007

Fun Day Friday

Today was Fun Day Friday. Our home school group meets every Friday for organized P.E. My husband and I with another mom are in charge. Today was very fun! We had several new children. I love the home school kids. So today we played dodgeball, scatterball, relays and corners.

We always open with a prayer and close with a prayer. After P.E. we have Keepers at Home(which is a Christian scout group for girls) Today the mother whose turn to teach the lesson, taught crochet. The girls had so much fun.

Every Friday at 5:30 we have Contenders of the Faith at our home. Bill teaches this, and it is for the boys. Tonight we had 12 boys and they worked on manners and then wrestling! I served pizza and another mom made rice crispy treats. The boys had so much fun! I always forget to take pictures of the Contenders...which is funny, because we are at my house! The boys are such good young men. On June 8th the Contenders are going out for an overnight camp trip. Bill will be taking our 5th wheel and a few other dads are coming, but the boys are going to learn to set up tents, make a fire, and some safety measures that will protect them when on outdoor excursions.

Fourth and I are going to have an all girl party while the boys are gone. I am planning a Hawaiian theme and make some fun snacks and crafts!

Well that is the update for today! Best wishes for all.

Here Bill is explaining scatterball for the new kids.

Here the boys are playing dodgeball...against the girls!

Here are the last few girls finishing up their crocheting! Fourth is in the green shirt.


PortraitofPeter said...

I think "Fun Day Friday" is a wonderful title and a day in which all the kids must look forward too!!

Great to see their interaction on the sports scene and in conversation with one another!!

That's sports hall is huge and I could just visualise my playing badminton there - if only I found someone who enjoys badminton too!!

Luv the photo's. Great to see your husband Bill enjoying his interaction with all the kids and passing on his skills too.

Have a great weekend.

PortraitofPeter said...

Thank you so much for your 'deeply touching' and painfully 'emotive' comments. They made me so emotional as I was reading.

You have been so blessed with 'Fourth' and that was God's intention and the song is so painful and yet so very special to many - like you.

Jennifer, I was not sure if I should post your comments - given their personal status - I will leave that to you.

I do hope one can read more poems from your 'Fourth' child as it will be so wonderful.

Blessings to you all - this weekend.


my4kids said...

Fun Day Friday looks fun. My boys favorite thing is dodgeball. I think it has to do with being told they can hit each other with a ball!
I learned how to crochet when I was 8 and I'm working on teaching McKenzie my 8 year old how to do it now as well.

Our Peculiar Life said...

We do Keepers of the Faith too..but Fun Day Friday sounds like a lot of fun! I am in charge of the 3rd graders and below this coming year (in our homeschool group) so maybe I can implement something like this.

PortraitofPeter said...

Here is an email address I can be contacted on:

Always handy to have.

jennifer said...

Peter thank you for all your kind comments and uplifting support! I sent you an email!
My4 kids...I love to crochet and Fourth already learned last year, this for her was a chance to learn new styles, which she promptly came home and worked on!
Dodgeball has been the fav game for the past year, for both the boys and the girls...go figure!
Our Peculiar Life
Feel free to email me if you would like some ideas, I have been over youth groups and home school groups for over 18 years!

Pam said...

Fun and your hubby looks so tall and handsome! *grins*