Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Backyard Breakfast

The in house chef, Bill and his assistant, Fourth created this masterpiece from our very own potatoes! The garnish is our home grown lemon basil!!! The salsa is home made as well. So in case anyone was wondering, I feel very spoiled and pampered:)

Here they have fried the potatoes with onions in olive oil. Then they scrambled in some eggs, and secret spices, and cooked.


Penless Thoughts said...

Oh YUM and presented in such a lovely way. Tell these 2 of your guys I'm really impressed!!

PortraitofPeter said...

Please forgive my 'drooling' all over my laptop - as I savour your "Backyard Breakfast" - cooked so beautifully by your wonderful husband Bill and your 'fourth'.

As I looked at my bowl of honey & nut cornflakes - it lost its appeal - somewhat.

I think I may well try your recipe this weekend (more time then - to attempt). As it does look so so appealing.

Great close up photos too, hence my drooling even more - like a puppy awaiting it's food bowl - even if I am a Chihuahua - I can still drool.

have a good day to all.

Pam said...

Oh Peter is so funny!

My mother in law in Mexico can do things to potatoes that I would never dream of but they always come out oh so yummy! We do lots of the eggs, potatoes, onions scramble here in the Rios home too! You are pampered with such good cooks around! I am as well. My hubby can blow the sock off me in the kitchen. Cooking just comes so natural to him. I have to plan and plan and think and measure!