Friday, May 4, 2007

Roller Rink

The other day we went with friends to the roller rink with the younger 3 children. I can't believe how much fun we had! I haven't been on roller skates in 28 years, but I did fairly well! I didn't fall once.

Second has never been on skates and by the end of the night was able to go slow but sure!

Third has been on roller blades, and he entered the speed race. He fell twice, but did great!

Fourth is the in house skater...she in line skates every time we take a family walk. So she was a pro!

Bill made jokes with the man handing out skates, he asked the man if he had a skate for his cane!

I loved this activity with the family, and it was very inexpensive, and we all voted to go again!


Our Peculiar Life said...

sounds like lots of fun! We will have to try it again sometime soon.

PortraitofPeter said...

So delighted you all had fun on the ice!! Always wonderful to see families enjoying together in sporting activities.

So pleased you will be continuing again.

Enjoy the weekend.

my4kids said...

Came over from Peters blog.
I haven't been skating in years but used to go all the time in high school.

Kitty said...

We went skating as a family about 5 years ago, and we had a blast, even though I hadn't gone since I was a kid!! That was my favorite thing to do growing up though. I tried to get my husband to get me Heelies for Christmas, but he told me he wouldn't be seen with me if I wore them... oh well!! :-)

jennifer said...

Our Peculiar Life it was fun! You should try it again!
Peter I agree! We do many activities with the kids, it is so important! We have such a small window to be an influence for the children. Thank you so much for your thoughts!
My 4 Kids, I hadn't been skating since middle school...and it was so very fun!
Kitty So funny about the heelies...I just talked to a friend tonight about getting heelies. She too was worried about her hubby's response!