Saturday, June 9, 2007

Jennifer's Mini Pizza's

Pictured Pepperoni pizzas, onion pizzas, salsa pizzas, cheese pizzas.

I made mini pizza's as an appetizer for the Hawaiian Party on Friday. This is a regular penofjen snack. I have the kids make their own pizzas, then we freeze them in labeled baggies. Then if any of the kids needs a snack they can microwave their very own mini pizza!

It is so easy to make!
frozen dinner rolls

tomato sauce
onion salt
garlic powder
Italian seasoning

Your favorite toppings!
Salsa pizza...tomatoes, jalapenos, cilantro, onion, and garlic

Directions: Allow the rolls to rise. I cover my pizza pans with foil, then spray with non stick cooking spray, then place the rolls on.(about 10 for a small pan...14 for a large pan)

Let the rolls rise. Smash the roll, then lay back on the pan...dock-pock holes in it so it will not rise.
Precook for 4 minutes at 395.
Then take out put the sauce on and your choice of toppings and cook!


Just Theresa said...

That looks good YUM!!!

PortraitofPeter said...

They look ever so tempting - but with my cooking skills - I think I had better purchase from my local store!!

Not the same, I know - but it allows freedom from the 'smoke alarm'.

jennifer said...

Theresa they are good! And yummy is the correct word!
Peter believe me, we hear the smoke alarm often, we just consider it a hearing test!

And they are delightful! Too bad the NM's cooks couldn't ship some delightful pizza your way.