Monday, December 10, 2007

Scripture Speaks

I know that for the month of December that More of Him Mondays and Scripture Speaks are on hold, but I have a few moments today and thought that I would continue. I am sure that many of you during the month of December probably do what we do in my home. We read from the Old Testament all of the prophecies foretelling of Christ's birth, and then the prophecy fulfilled in the New Testament.

For today we started with Micah 5:2 that was fulfilled with Luke 2:4,5,7
then Daniel 9:25 that was fulfilled with Luke 2:1 and 2
and Isaiah 7:14 that was fulfilled by Luke 1:26,27, 30, 31.

I haven't written out the scriptures because what is speaking to me this month is that of wow! I mean wow, by this. I had to make a rule that mom and dad make NO promises because no matter how we try, sometimes we make mistakes, even on something that we may have thought we could do for the children for sure. How crazy, but I realized that we are just human and are fallible. God on the other hand is infallible. I am so surprised that a large portion of the world does not see Jesus Christ as the fulfillment of all the Old Testament prophecies about the Messiah.

God does not make mistakes and therefore as His Word said...was easy to fulfill. All of the avenues lead to Jesus. Every month should be a celebration that our Saviour has died and rose again for us! Praise God. Every day we should fall to our knees and thank God. He is the only way. We should put on our Jesus glasses before we view our lives. Not that I want to be disrespectful of Jesus Christ, but that before we do anything we should fill up with His word. Then with prayer and fasting to arm us for the day.

So even though we celebrate the birth of our Saviour this month, I have been thinking of such gratitude that He died for me, a simple wife and mother...nothing more nothing less...sinner born and bred. What a great comfort to see how His word...His scriptures speak so loud and clear to me.

Just my thoughts


Daughter of the King said...

There are so many thoughts going through my head this Christmas...WHY....because this year I KNOW I am saved...and all of this has such a different meaning to me....his birth....the gift of it...the ultimate gift....that is where it started....the promised gift...but only through HIS blood, HIS ressurection for me....and ugly old sinner...and yet.....I am going to HEAVEN one that is the BEST least for this lady....and I KNOW many others...
love you my friend,

diana said...

great post, jen. and it's a great time of year to look at and reflect on those prophesies. we do have an awesome God.


I can find Christ in almost every scripture in the Bible. He is the central figure. I am so thankful that He came, died, rose again, and is now on the right hand of His Father making intercession for me. Thank you, Jennifer for this post.