Friday, December 7, 2007

Gray Brings Out My Eyes!

This I suppose is a follow up or a continuation of the post I have written on Pen of Jen. I have been very busy but this is a subject that I have much to say on, so I am adding on to the other post. I really must confess that I am on a daily struggle not to color my hair.

But I am not going to, and here is why. The closest external thing I have to my Creator is my body. I have the design that He thought of, and I have the characteristics that come with my genetic background, that links me to my ancestors. Now due to the Fall, I am quite damaged, as sin is rampant in the world and one of the many results of sin, are visible in our bodies.

Now to my reasoning. God is our Father, He created us. As a parent I have seen my children and their innocence and the way they behave. I cherish the drawings and artwork they have created, even the scribbles when they first picked up a crayon. That is what I think God thinks of us, we are like children with our bodies. We originally had perfect bodies, but since the Fall have old tired, prematurely graying, balding, stout, leggy bodies. I see that He still cherishes us with ALL the flaws. I can't do better than what He expects and in the world I will never achieve the body that was originally planned for me, a woman.

When I try to paint and color and tape and texture my body, I am using man's solutions to God's creation. So the path I am on is to use God's solution for God's creation. Read the Bible, pray, and feed my soul with the Spirit. My body, no matter what I do, will continue to a result of the Fall. So if I know that the body is dying and I know the destination, do I really need to put up the false front? How can I get over the self esteem issues of graying so fast? Well all of us know who Steve Martin is...embrace the gray.

So here's my test to determine what I need to do...
1)Am I desiring to be beautiful in the standards set in the US? Wow, thank goodness I was not born in Africa, where woman put rings on their necks and stretch it to the point to where if they take the rings off they will die(beauty) or in China where they used to bind the feet to where one could barely walk...
2) Am I truly seeking to be my husbands mate, or trying to draw all eyes towards me?
3)Is my entire self worth based on my external looks? If so I better bank on dying young, cause I will become a bitter old lady...looks don't last...sorry.

I need to shower daily, wash and maintain my face, hair etc. and be the woman God designed. I need to study the scriptures as I have a huge role that I am to fulfill as a woman. I am to be a good steward of the clothing I have, so that I can be clean and neat.

What I don't need to do...
Live by standards set to make
eyelashes were in now they are not'
blue eyeshadow was in and now it is not
long hair was in and now it is not
feathered hairstyles were in and now not
perms were in and now they are not
frosting hair is in or it is not
bell bottoms long skirts, slit skirts
scarves, sweaters, and all kinds of this and that..

all determined to keep you buying things...keep the styles changing to keep their incomes coming in...BRILLIANT strategy!

Consider what God wants me to be...let me remind all that the women in the Bible were pretty amazing. I will just ask all to ponder Ruth. She is the model woman for us all.(By the way for all of us blondies, whether natural or not...Ruth most definitely had dark hair)

Is my identity based on an image that I think that my husband desires? Because men are very very basic. And if you treat your husband with love and work each day to make his day easier, he will look to do so for you. He will not suggest Maybeline, I promise.

By the way I am writing this for me as well as a follow up. The woman who gave birth to my husbands children is an amazing woman. The first deep emboldened love that she received, based on nothing else but her, was the day she gave him a child. She was without makeup, very fat(prego) and still she saw a desirous love.

As I see Bill look at our teens and then glance over their heads to me I see the same look. It is a deep soul touching look, not of lust, but of lifelong, desirous, LOVE. And you bet even gray, and fuller, the electric jolts of marriage zip back and forth...all without societies requirements!

I guess I have a bit of a footnote to this post. My realization of what the American woman should look like came around 22. I am 5'0". So nothing is really made for me. I realized that the fashion industry was trying to compartmentalize me into something I could never be, so I have slowly been progressing to where I am the choice no one else. Remember the Covenant God made to Abraham was for a senior citizen to have a baby(Sarah was 90 ) how on earth at 40 can I permit gray hair to hold me back?

Just my thoughts.
I will zip around and catch up with blogs over the weekend. I have been thinking of you blogity world friends. Take Care


Daughter of the King said...

another great addition to yesterday's post....and yes...I see the same in my husband's eyes....the twinkle, the love..the joy we have shared through THICK and thin, literally...
lots to ponder, my friend.


I loved this post so much. Jim's eyes for me alone is all I need to feel beautiful. His looks add color to my face and a smile on my lips. He is my the beauty of my heart. I need no other human to admire me or tell me that I look wonderful. He is enough and all. connie from Texas

Jungle Mom said...

Lots of wisdom!!