Friday, November 2, 2007

Apron Swap

Fourth and I have signed up to be part of an apron swap by a blogger in Australia! I signed up because I like the idea of continuing my sewing and to receive one from another. When I shared with Fourth that this is what I was participating in, she voiced interest and I signed her up too.

In the comments where women signed up, many asked to be matched with women in their country, worrying of overseas costs. But I feel that by doing so, one gives up an opportunity to meet another, and learn of another country. So when I signed Fourth up, I mentioned that she was looking forward to a pen-pal from another part of the world.

The swap coordinators are so neat!! They matched Fourth up with a woman in Australia!! How cool will this be for Fourth?

My swap partner is from Louisiana. After a few emails we both learned that we both home school!! The movement is getting larger!

So Fourth and I will be busy making aprons and also a little care pack of our town and state. Just a bit of fun for our new friends to learn a bit about us! It is very exciting!

BTW in the world of home school, this is a major lesson! She will be using a pattern, picking fabric, sewing, writing a note, preparing a mini packet of the US and New Mexico, and then learning about Melbourne Australia! Again the flexibility of home schooling has afforded an opportunity without the pressure from external sources!



Wonderful idea. I know that will be fun for the both of you. Have a good day. connie from Texas

MightyMom said...

very cool!

I've got a pattern for my swap partner (who's not in australia) I wonder what kind of fabric she'd like??

maybe I need to use my stash......


Penless Thoughts said...

How neat!!! Fourth I'm so proud of you participating in this!!!

Anonymous said...

Fun! I'm afraid of signing up for something like this b/c I have such a hard time finishing things. My little ones tend to become super needy when I'm sewing.
Have fun, and be sure to show us your package when you receive it!