Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tract Packs

So I am asking my humble readership to this blog to pray for those that I gave the tract packs to tonight. Pray that they read the tract and begin a new life.

I prayed as I sat out front handing the packs out. Most people were very friendly and I saw myself in their eyes. I saw myself before I was saved. No I have never dressed up for Halloween, but I was lost, and was of the world. I was all about being the perfect me.

Halloween is a great opportunity to see those that are lost. Dressing up as prostitutes, devils, goddesses, and pimps were the theme tonight, although I did see some cute little bugs, lions and sharks!

As a Christian I strongly believe that the tracts I handed out will serve the Lord's purpose. Even if one is tossed on the ground the Lord will use it for Him.

So please consider on Halloween giving out tracts and praying for all in America that received a tract to read it. Step one!!!

Then pray that all the while the children munch on their candy that they peruse the tract again. Step Two.!!

Then I pray that the children receive Jesus Christ as their Saviour!! Step three!!!

Why do I believe that tracts are awesome??? Please read this is lengthy but please awesome!!!!


Penless Thoughts said...

Only in Heaven will you know the results!!


I love tracts. We always use them. When we eat out, we leave a tract, when we mail our bills out, we sent a tract.etc.

We had a man who use to go to our church before he got sick and left this world to be with the Lord, who lived on the coastal canal. Ships from all over the world go past not far from where we live. He would always take tracts and throw them up to the people on the boats. Wonderful idea. give a tract, they are read. Thank you Jennifer for this post. connie from Texas