Sunday, November 4, 2007

Wishing Well?

So by ignoring the couch, and noticing the hairy critter relaxing, you will understand that Pepsi, the newest Pen of Jen family member, believes her status is higher than I thought. I have the cover on this worn, battered couch to make me not wish for new. But to Pepsi( McBenning School's mascot) the cover translates to welcome in dog lingo!

So I have learned to adapt to a young dog again who has 2 levels~ high energy or totally drained! But the reason I began to write a post about her was because of something Bill said. Every Sunday we play games as a family. We cherish the time that we have and really have made some terrific traditions with the kids. Well one of the games we play is Ninety-Nine. It is a fast paced counting game to Nighty-Nine, but you can't go over(using cards) Each person has 3 pennies and you loss a penny every time you loss a hand. The winner is the person with the remaining pennies. Oh and there are 4 cards that are helpers...9-pass, 4-reverse, queen-subtract ten, king-99. Well the boys get a little rambunctious, and after the game, Bill saw a penny in Pepsi's water dish. He asked me, "Jen, do we now have a wishing well?" Too funny!

So Second won the competition tonight and has regained the title of sitting alone on one bench. But the night for Bill and I was a total win, as the laughter and the conversation was priceless. We missed First though. First's roommate JJ came back to town this weekend so FoUrTh made brownies for her big brother and we sent of First's favorite foods!!

So thanks to Pepsi, I am going to close by asking my friends to slow down a bit, and cherish the moment. Please do not let the holiday season pull you in and make you get anxious over consumerism. Remember Mary and Martha.


Penless Thoughts said...

Great post, Jen! I'm smiling big time.


I loved this post. I am afraid I tend to be a Martha. So, I am always happy for the reminder to slow down and enjoy life and not let life run me. Thank you, connie from Texas

MightyMom said...

my hubby has told me I need to more of a Martha!

I need the wishing well too ;-)

I am being pulled into the sewing-ism of the seasdon myself.....

Anonymous said...

Good thoughts, Jen.
I am trying to keep it simple this year. Thanks for the reminder.