Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Teaching Your Child to Become An Entrepreneur

Big title, and filled with information that a home school parent should do. I must say that home schooling has been a path to knowledge that has constantly amazed me. I think I learn as much as the kids or more.

Now that the kids are older, I have expanded their lessons to include a small business venture. Every Tuesday we sell homemade burritos and soda to some offices in town. Before we broke the ground, so to speak, on this venture, we planned. We discussed the idea, the need, and the amount of effort needed. We then planned to the exact measurement, each burrito. Then we calculated the cost. This cost includes the foil wrap(a baked potato wrap).

After we calculated everything, the kids then made fliers and we distributed them. At first we hit only Bill's office, but now we have expanded. And by taking special orders(no cheese, or sour cream) or soda requests, have made all the difference. The phrase Burrito Tuesday now makes sense to those in the area! And the customers seem to love the product!

In all of my teaching, I explained to the kids that it is important that we do not over price the product. We do not need to make a zillion dollars, but we do need to stick to the steady pace mantra. People like to think that they are getting a bargain. That is why we measured everything. So the consumer feels good. By doing this we have built up a regular base to sell to. Will we ever expand? Yes, I am considering making a take and bake enchilada tray for Friday nights. Receive the orders by Thursday and deliver Friday. Just in the works though, steady pace.

The income from burrito Tuesday has been helping fund the school and drivers ed. The money from the enchiladas will totally be income to alleviate any burdens in the Pen of Jen home! Praise God for becoming


MightyMom said...

so, what do you charge for shipping?? I was sooo craving one of your burritos today!! (well, maybe two!)

jennifer said...

Oh I will just have to share the recipe and you must guard it with your life!!! Most people order 2, because they are so yummy!

Penless Thoughts said...

You, and yours, are ones with a capital E!!!!

jennifer said...

Susan thank you, but honestly this idea was inspired by the need of funding!!! So yes I guess you are right:)


I think that is such a great idea. My Oldest daughter-in-law and her two older kids at home use to bake and sell cookies around to the businesses they did great. I am sure that it teaches your children many things. connie from Texas