Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Happy Birthday FoUrTh and Uncle

Today is my daughter's birthday. She was born 10 weeks early and just so happened to be born on my brother UJ'S birthday. I love my brother and he is a wonderful brother but an incredible uncle, so I was so very pleased to have her on his birthday!

We went to Las Cruces on Saturday and took the two to Pizza Hut for a yummy birthday celebration! Then we took FoUrTh to a few places for her to pick her own gift. She is very creative and picked a jewelry making/bead kit.

So in honor of her birthday I will tell you 12 things about her.
12. She is the sunshine in every room.

11. She has made all the difference in my life. I love the boys, but it was nice to finally be able to buy pink things!

10. She has very curly hair. If she lets it air dry the curls appear. In fact I sometimes call her Curliana, which is a play off her *name*.

9. I knew that she was our last, due to major complications, so I gave her a name that honors all my sisters and mother. Her name is a combination of 3 older sisters, and one younger sister. My mother's middle name is also my daughter's middle name.

8. She is her dad's joy. He loves being the dad in daddy's girl that she is. She has always had him wrapped around her finger.

7. FoUrTh loves to read. She is a Little House on the Prairie fan, and I imagine that one day she will name a child after one of the characters she has read about!

6. FoUrTh loves doing every kind of crafts.

5.She loves animals of every kind, but truly loves horses...someday she will live on a ranch!

4. My daughter is the sweetest person that I have ever known and she is truly a love.

3. FoUrTh is the best friend of each of her brothers. They truly watch over her and love her dearly.

2. She is all and more that Bill and I could have ever imagined for a daughter

1. She loves the Lord with all her heart.

On Sunday we did another dinner for FoUrTh so that First could be with us. We had a very simple elegant dinner with a pretty pink cake!

So my dear sweet baby, that is no longer a baby, thank you for being my daughter, I am the mom I am because of the splash of pink that was thrown into my life 12 years ago at a Naval Hospital!

Love you very much FoUrTh
Dad and Mom!


Penless Thoughts said...

I already went to her site to wish her Happy Birthday and will do so here too. Happy, Happy Birthday Fourth.

This was such a wonderful post to your special daughter, Jennifer.

Jackie said...

Sniff. She's so beautiful, Jennifer. What a joy to have a daughter who loves the Lord.

Short Stop said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Jen, I've been browsing your other sites, wow! You have a lovely family and are very resourceful and creative! I'll be sure to stop by your other sites again:)

Momma Roar said...

I hope they both had wonderful birthdays!!!

Pam said...

Well Happy belated Birthday sweet girl! I don't really know you, but I sort of feel I do because of how your mom speaks about you. I can tell you are one special young lady. Always remember to put God first in your life and follow the principles of His Holy Word, then you will have success! God bless!
By the Way: I think you have an awesome mom!

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Oh, and a HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear one!!!!!!!!!! You have a very special Mommy!


Fourth, I hope you have a wonderful happy birthday and that all the years of your life you continue to love and follow the Lord. Then I know your life will be full and with much meaning and happiness.

You have been a joy to get to know. I love horses also so I guess that makes us "kindred hearts." I love the Lord, most and that makes us sisters in Christ.

I pray your uncles birthday was one of his nicest and getting to spend part of it with you and your mom, I am sure it was. connie from Texas