Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Mightiest Of Mom's Wants to Know!

Mighty Mom tagged me for this "2" Meme:

Two Names You Go By: Mom, Honey

Two Things you are wearing right now: glasses and a clothespin to hold up my hair!!!

Two Things you would want (or have) in a relationship: I have a best friend, and I have a Christ focused man

Two Things you like to do: write and craft

Two Things you want very badly at this moment: I would love it to be able to move into the country, and I would love to have more animals

Two Things you did last night: went to a Bible study and visited with Bill

Two Things you ate today: garlic and onion potatoes, water(can you chew!)

Two People you spoke last to: Second and Bill

Two Things you're doing tomorrow: Picking the winners to caption contest , finishing making applesauce

Two Longest car rides: crossed the country from Florida(port charlotte to Fort Irwin California) and then back

Two Favorite holidays: Thanksgiving and Christmas

Two Favorite beverages: Orange Soda(Mcdonald's) and water

Two Jobs I have had in my life: Wife, Mother

Two Movies I would watch over and over: Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, and many of the Alfred Hitchcock movies(insert almost any title)

Two Places I have lived: Let's see in my married life moved 35 times, and before that about 7. So Germany, and New Mexico!

Two of My Favorite foods: Onions and Pumpkin pie!

Two Places I'd rather be right now: in the country, and right here

Two People I'm tagging to do this meme: Third and FoUrTh


Amber said...

South Germany and NM, that's a jump!

I love classic movies too, the oldies, but goodies! My favorite is Charade, some thought it was a Hitchcock boys love the Seven Brides for Seven Brothers scene where they are building the houses and get into a fight.

Nice visiting you, c'ya around:)

0:) Amber

MightyMom said...

ooo no fair tagging your kids!!

can't wait to see what they say!

diana said...

saw mighty mom tag you so i thought i'd come over and read your answers. i think this is a fun meme. you always learn more about a person through a meme. glad to learn more about you. boy, you've moved a lot.

Pam said...

A NEW MEME and I like it. Me thinks I shall do it on my blog!

I'm another big fan of Seven Brides For Seven Brothers!!