Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dad's Away

Bill had to go to training on Tuesday and will not return until Friday. So the kids and I are missing him!

Lots of Jabber...
We were heading to the post office and the van sounded like a helicopter. So we did not go to the post office, and came back inside and made tortillas instead!

Last night we played Clue, and of course, I was not myself and revealed a tip that was not even asked for???!!! So needless to say Second loved my mistake!

I made beef stew and dumplings for lunch. Our roast has stretched to 5 meals and still I have enough left for one more~

The big treat is since Bill is not here and will be gone for 3 nights, I have given each kid a night alone on my bed! I am sleeping on the couch, as I do not like the feel without Bill. The kids love the bed and I think enjoy this opportunity!

I am going to can green tomatoes today, some to make later as green fried tomatoes, and some for green salsa that I found on line. I am not sure how this will taste, but the tomato crop is wonderful, but the nights are getting chilly and I do not want to lose any.

I also have to can more applesauce.

I am going to try and make a small batch of mint jelly too. My mint did not do as well here as in other places, so one jar will be all I will make.

Oh and so cool...we found a huge spider, yet to be identified, and it is currently is a science aquarium as we document the day to day activities. The kids have given it flies the peril of the flies, and a cockroach(its NM they are all over outside) and the cockroach and the spider fought and the spider won! SO this has been a creepy find(for me) yet and incredible find for the students! (This visitor is nearly as long as my thumb)

Well my ramblings are coming to a close! School is resuming!


Momma Roar said...

no pictures of scary spider, please!

Penless Thoughts said...

Interesting stuff!!! I saw on Pea's blog where you can wrap the green tomato in newspaper and they will ripen. I know we've ripen a few just setting them on the window sill. The green tomato sauce sounds wonderful though!

Pam said...

I love the idea of the kids each getting a turn on your bed! What a great mom you are! I would do the same for mine. It is the little things in life we treasure after all, like a night in mom and dad's big bed.

Bad news on Patti again today. I just posted the update.

MightyMom said...

paper bag will help ripen them...or a windowsill....

I've gotta see a spider duke it out with a cockroach......don't know who I'd root for!!