Friday, October 19, 2007

Due to the High cost of Oil

Okay I am kidding, but it felt good to write that. Until the turn of the year we are changing our school schedule to a 4 day school week. For reasons yet to be disclosed in blogland, we have been very busy at the pen of jen home.

And the public schools all over the nation, have resorted to this schedule. It may be so enjoyable that we will continue on well into 2008!


Penless Thoughts said...

Can't wait for you to reveal your "stuff". Wonderful God is working in both our households at the same time, but I'm sure probably very different things!!

Are you extending the 4 days hours?

jennifer said...

I am sure we are doing very different things.No I will not extend the day, because on Sunday Wednesday we have 2 hours each of learning, and on Fridays we have 2.5 hours of organized we actually have probably 6 days of school vs the public schools.

MightyMom said...

what?? I missed this 4 day school week, what on earth?? first they gripe that they don't have time to teach everything so must go to year round school, now they're going to shorten the school week??? geez whiz....

Here I thought school was to prepare them for work in the adult world...who only works 4 days a week??? (unless you work 10 hour days....)

Pam said...

hmmm curious as to what is up at pen of jen's abode!! Love the mystery air about it!

4 days huh? not really! If I know you Jen, your kids are learning each and every day, just not in a traditional setting perhaps!


Whatever you have going on I know it will be a blessing to many and I am praying for you all. That is one thing about homeschool we can set our own schedules. The important thing is the end product. love to you and your family, connie from Texas