Monday, October 22, 2007


Little cold here today, and so we broke out the hot chocolate for breakfast! I do love autumn more than any other season. Maybe because it affords much time inside together. I don't know.

Well still busy here at the pen of jen home. Not ready for the big reveal, but inching closer.

Don't forget home school parents to have the kids watch the political debates. It is never too early to understand the electoral process. We watch every year, whether local, state, federal, or presidential. You can create a political poster and have the children discuss the issues.

Every presidential campaign we hold mock elections. We collect campaign literature and posters from the political parties. Be involved, because your children can make a difference. Maybe they will decide to become a politician and change things.

Well that is my chilly update...the problem with a stucco/adobe home is that it does not get warm easy...the great thing about a stucco/adobe home is that it is very cool in the summer...:)


Momma Roar said...

Goodness - I don't even understand the politcal debates, much less trying to explain it to the kids. I know, I'm an uniformed citizen, but that's why I LOVE you!!! hehee

It is 80 degrees today - rare temps for our area.....I'm tired of the warm - I'm ready to dress in jeans, and pull on a sweatshirt!

Stay warm!

Pam said...

ok why aren't we getting any cooler weather here? Oh TROPICAL FLORIDA! It was in the 90's today but less humidity so it did seems sort of fallish. I notice in the evenings after sunset, it is almost chilly so, I see light at the end of the tunnel as my favorite season is slowly arriving here.

I used to work in the polls for elections. Agustin always brought the boys to visit for a short spell so they would see the process in action. Shane loved passing out the "I VOTED!" stickers. We enjoy the debates, even Shane has watched them for several years now. He may not sit through the entire debate, but he understands it is an important process and believe you me, he has a better handle/Biblical worldview on issues than most church members!

I like the idea of a mock campain at home.

Penless Thoughts said...

Great advise about getting your children to pay attention to what governs our freedoms, or lack there of, early!

MightyMom said...

Subvet and I were just discussing how terrible it is that so many people across our nation had no idea how Pres Bush lost the popular vote, but won the presidency.......HELLOOOOOOOOOOO!!!Government 101...Day 2 (Day 1 spent passing out books.)

Yes, we must teach and teach and teach!


Well, it is certainly chilly her in my neck of the woods, costal Texas. It feels so good. Don't worry Pam. It will get there.

I agree with all your thoughts and advice in this post. It is one of the greatest things a parent can teach their children. It is so important. They need to know things like this to be able to have a better secular world. connie from Texas