Sunday, July 1, 2007

I Have a New Name

It has been decided, I have a new name, and it is none of the names that were previously mentioned! Every Sunday, my family has a dinner, where they all sit down, have nice table settings, everything! This meal the kids had bought Pepsi to have as their drink of choice! Mom reached over to hug Second and tipped Second's drink over(Pepsi) and it spilled all over me. Instead of doing anything I started licking up the Pepsi and wagging my tail. My family all cracked up and it was unanimous, Pepsi!!!

What is funny is Mom(Jennifer) drank diet coke for years!!!

So greetings blog friends I am Pepsi. Read the previous post to learn all about me.


Momma Roar said...

PEPSI - I love it - the drink and the name!

Just Theresa said...

lol that's too funny :) Pepsi is a good name for her.

Pam said...

Perfect! Back when I was young, oh about 12 I guess, we named our tiny little terrier "Poopsie" because the very first thing he did when we got him home was POOP in our living room! We kids all thought POOPSIE fit him perfectly.

Penless Thoughts said...

I guess "Pepsi" decided what her name would be. Sounds perfect to me.

Jen in MS said...

Dog naming is hard!! But I LOVE the name Pepsi! So cute for an adorable dog!!

Jackie said...

What a great name! Of course, I'm from Atlanta, home of Coke, so that name would simply not be suitable here.

jennifer said...

Leigh Ann:O)
What else can I say?
Pepsi picked it( by my clumsiness)
But it is great!
Pam Poopsie wins hands down as the funniest name, with meaning ever!!
Susan, you are exactly right!!!
Jen I agree, naming a dog is hard!But we all seem content with Pepsi!!!
Too funny! It might be cute to try!