Saturday, June 30, 2007

Storm, Sandy, Sweetie, and Stuff

It is the monsoon season, meaning that in the mountains we see all kinds of terrible storms and rarely see any rain. The problem with this is flash flooding coming down from the mountains.

And now introducing *Sandy* the basset hound we just adopted from the pound. Sasha our lovely pet, is starting to decline, and we know soon her time will be up. Sandy(we may change her name) was at the pound the other day! She is 6 years old and the most calm,delightful dog. She and Sasha have become fast friends. Names in the running...Sage, Daisy, and Freckles(she has white freckles speckling her nose). More on the name after family meeting and a drawing of her name out of a hat!!

Here is my sweetie, walking out to our gardens! A husband of the highest level:O) is one of our beautiful watermelons, yummy!
Oops I almost forgot, we have marigolds planted in all our gardens because we were told that the marigold keeps grasshoppers away! So far it must be working, as we haven't see any grasshoppers except outside the property.

Again I must let my readers know that both my blogs will be undergoing several face lifts, please forgive all the changes. (


inspired said...

Hi and thanx ..
it's been heavy raining and
floods here in Britain

Anonymous said...

I loved the pictures!! One of my kitties is named Sandy, and your Sandy has the cutest face, I wish I could hug him!! I love dogs, just can't have one living here in our apartment... =(

Yes, going yard saling together sounds like TOO MUCH fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Sandy, I mean I wish I could hug HER!!! My Sandy is a boy cat!!

Just Theresa said...

((Sunday)) I was hoping to see what you named your new dog. :) lol

Have not seen you at my blog lately ;)

Have a great Sunday.

Our Peculiar Life said...

I love monsoon season!! Well I did in Albuquerque. I loved the big thunder and lightning storms. Sitting on the back porch and watching the clouds roll over the Sandias.

We are getting lots of rain here, but not as pretty as monsoon season.

Anonymous said...

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