Monday, July 2, 2007


We are now at a time of distress in the United States. I found this photo on Michelle Malkin's blog and felt it absolutely appropriate to post pending our 231st American birthday.

To fly the US flag upside down is a sign or a symbol of distress, or extreme danger.(source) I grew up knowing this because we raised the flag every day on our farm. Now my children hang the flag up every day.

We are now at a time in our history where we will need to make a stand. It is time to require all those that enter the US or are in the US(illegally) to uphold all the laws of the land. It is time to set the bar back up to the actual laws. We must not permit another country's citizen to set the tone for our country, ever.

Yet we are, we are allowing illegals to vote, to receive medical care(using our welfare, Medicaid), use our public schools(where we must teach in Spanish) and so many other things. This issue has been turned into a race issue, and anything one says against illegals is deemed racist. Tough, I am calling this what it is- a crime against every American, and we all need to take our responsibility seriously.

We must no longer accept the fluff. This is a clear cut case of a crime. And this crime is impacting each and everyone one of us(medical costs, educational costs, and in fraud) By not securing the borders we also have advertised to all the world that we may act tough and actually carry the big stick, but our back door has been left wide open.

So let's get tough on these criminals! Today



It has been left wide open and it needed to be close yesterday if not sooner. We must stand up. Thank you.Jenn. connie from Texas

Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

I enjoyed looking at your blog. New Mexico is so beautiful. I'll be back!

Pam said...

...and they need to be called "criminals" and "illegals", not simply "undocumented". That sounds all nice and fluffy! Great post my friend,

When I first saw this photo a couple of months ago, it so infuriated me, (and my hubby was embarrassed by it).

Jen, what has happened to Peter? Any idea?

inspired said...

you have a great way of telling it how it is.:o)

No Apology said...

Now that the Fed gov't has made it clear, loud and clear, that they aren't going to do anything about the illegals here, the state and local gov't must step up to the plate and protect Americans and our way of life.

Time to put pressure on any and all local and state politicians, mayors, sheriffs, etc.. Remember the old saw, "it's the squeaky wheel that gets oiled".

Mayor Barletta of Hazelton, Pa has been right all along. Maybe now that the feds have refused to act to protect our borders, a loud, angry outcry from US citizens should give even the give-away-our-freedoms leftist judges pause.

I don't really blame the poor (poor in the economic sense) Mexicans for being drawn here. But even if they are blameless, we still have a big numbers problem here. They may be just pawns in Washington's game of abolishing the borders to pave the way for a North American Union, but we still have to deal with their presence here - there's just too many of 'em.

Many states have already lined up to get a piece of the Public/Private Partnerships pie, giving foreign companies a unfair competitive advantage. Our state officials need to be convinced that's not a good idea.The Texans fought the TTC, and achieved at least a partial victory.

But radical groups like La Raza and mECHA need to be dealt with now. The criminal elements - of which there are plenty - need to be dealt with, locally. Round 'em up, put them in jail.

Employers have to be dealt with as well. ICE can't do everything. If the employers are arrested - and convicted - for the criminals they are, the illegal immigrants will began to drift back across the border, with a little prodding from local gov't, of course. Stiff, heavy fines for hiring illegals will make them honest. And if that doesn't convince the employers, a little jail time for officers of the corporations should do the trick.

"Now is time for all good men (and women) to come to the aid of their country." ***that was the first sentence I learned to type in a high school typing course. I added 'women', because even though back then it was assumed they were included, today we need to be clear about it. NP

It is time to fight. Priority #1 - seal up and protect our border with Mexico.

Sorry, Jennifer - didn't mean to get up on my soapbox this early in the day...