Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Some Thoughts

I have been working on an article that may take several weeks to put together. It is one that has surprised me for so many reasons. I have decided while working on this to ask my readers to respond to a few questions.

First off, here is the definition of the word luxury: 1) Something enjoyed as an addition to the ordinary comforts of life. 2) Indulgence in the pleasures afforded by such things. (Webster's Desk Dictionary, Random House 1992)

After reading this definition; 1) What do you consider a luxury, 2)What would you absolutely love to have that is currently to extra-ordinary?

I added the concept of a luxury due to this question I posed to a person who commented on my blog:
Now to your opinions please tell me what should be the cutoff of luxuries before we tell the people No you are not eligible?

I asked this question because of a post that I wrote about an observation that I made about federal programs and abuse. Read the post I wrote here.

This was a fairly simple question, yet the response throughout the comments was that I was not Christian enough, or too judgmental, or I didn't understand what I saw clearly. I really am completely curious as to what one would make the cutoff of luxuries for those on federal aid. So that is my third question to you.
3) What would be a luxury that you would make a recipient of assistance sell prior to receiving aid?

Please take your time, use as much space as you need and answer the three questions I have posed.

Thank you so much,


PortraitofPeter said...

Answered on your other site.

Short answers I know - forgive me but I have had a rather busy day today and about to crash out now.

jennifer said...

Rest well Peter!