Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Pen of Jen Kids Summer Happenings

The Pen of Jen kids have been very busy so far this summer! We are still doing school, but it is half days and many other things. I will update the Bible reading for May soon, and explain the plans for the remainder of the year.

Fourth is involved in the summer reading program at the library. Second and Third work 3 afternoons a week doing yard maitenience and First work 40 plus hours a week saving for school.

I have given a summer reprieve on the kitchen chores and have taken over completely so they can all 'be busy' and have a memorable summer of 2007!

We also have 2 activities a week meeting at a park with our home school group.

Quill of Bill and Pen of Jen are continuing our school and target date for completion has not changed.

June has 2 more Pen of Jen birthdays, and August is an anniversary for the Happily married couple! So if you think we seem like we have slowed down...well maybe?

I forgot a very neat thing, one of Bill's professors is coming to Las Cruces mid month( he is also a pastor) and we are going to hear him speak!

Wow after re-reading our schedule I am tired and in the need of a nap...oh I can't as we are leaving for the home school activity!!


PortraitofPeter said...

So pleased to read all the children have varied activities over the summer - working gives the importance for the future.

A great idea of the park meeting - ideal for everyone. Not long to go for your Aniversary and I'm sure your children will be preparing a surprise for you both.

Enjoy the nap zzzzz

Penless Thoughts said...

My father always use to say, "Busy people are happy people". I think there is a lot of truth in that. As long as we also "Be still and know that I am God" along the way!!

Pam said...

I'm exhausted already! just reading your list!

It's so nice to hear you have busy kids, and what a sweet mom to relieve them of kitchen chores. I told you you're a doll! Blessings!

Anonymous said...

I loved reading about your activities!! I believe in keeping kids busy too!! =) You ARE a nice mom to give them a break from kitchen chores. Summer is when my kids actually do more chores, because they have so much homework at night during the school year!! My goal everyday is to keep them busy doing fun, physical, and/ or productive activities, so they are too tired to make mischief!! =)I think TV and video games just make kids more antsy, so we avoid them as much as possible!!

I love Susan's quotes. I should remember the second one for the kids, as I think I may not allow them enough down time. Hmmm... good things to think about!!

jennifer said...

Peter...I am hoping to sleep in a few years! I always tell the kids that our anniversary is the start of our family, so I like the softie that I am included everyone in on part of the celebration. This year though, Bill and I are going out to dinner too:)
Susan excellent, both your dad and the scripture, important! I am always so bored when I am sitting around doing nothing.
Pam you are too sweet. I hope that the summer is fun, yet safe and the kitchen chores are the easiest! Plus when I do the dishes I get to look out the window and look at my garden and my mountains!
Kitty you summarized my feelings right on! If they are busy they are not idle nor getting into anything. Of course I think that they are always plotting and planning the goofiest silliest jokes and skits regardless of how busy they are!