Thursday, June 28, 2007

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I am sorry blog friends, I have been some what busy this week and haven't had too much time to post. I am going to post a post that I wrote on Pen of Jen in December. It is one that reflects how I live. I didn't list any scripture references in this post, but you will understand why when you read it.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

With so many medical illnesses being spotlighted in the media, it is hard to determine a true illness with symptoms, from a 'fad' illness(RLS...restless leg syndrome). Help has arrived! And you will not need to ask your Doctor if any certain prescription will be right for you.

Many of us struggle with this illness, and I do refer to bitterness as an illness. I do not require a medical degree to make this statement, as this is fact based on life experience!

Bitterness takes energy, and if you use energy to be bitter, it depletes energy to be much else. Consider Jonah from the Old Testament. Most of us know the story of Jonah-swallowed by a fish and survived. But can you see a bitter man?

God sent Jonah to the city of Ninevah on a mission to have the city repent. Jonah decided that no way was he going to do what God wanted, and he headed the other way, catching a ride on a boat. The crew was superstitious, and when a hurricane of sorts picked up the crew cast lots and decided it was Jonah's fault.

To quickly go through the story, Jonah was cast into the water, and a fish quickly swallowed him. As a kid I found this awesome, but now as a 'germaphobe' it gives me the creeps! Anyhow instead of Jonah calling a news conference after he is spit out, he pouts.

Woe is me. God is going to save Ninevah no matter what I do. Boo-hoo. You see even after the couple thousand years since Jonah was written we are still like Jonah. Bitter, not realizing that our very attitude writes our medical prescription for the day. If you are swallowed by a fish make sure when you share the story you describe how big the fish was. Laugh with your family and coworkers when you describe your situation and the bitterness will go away. Come to the realization that tomorrow is coming no matter what. Do you want it to be overcast and dreary, or a great day to see how many different shades of gray that there really are in the world.

Can dissolving bitterness really be that easy? It sure can when you add your own prescription. You will go on no matter, so what if everyone knows you because you were swallowed by a fish. Remember your situation gives you a forum to discuss with anyone the way you managed a situation, instead of the situation managing you

Have a great day!

UPDATE: Yes, I am playing around with a new template and other things, please enjoy the changes, as if you are trying on new things!


Penless Thoughts said...

Oh Jen, you always so it so well. I love this:

"so what if everyone knows you because you were swallowed by a fish. Remember your situation gives you a forum to discuss with anyone the way you managed a situation, instead of the situation managing you."

Bitterness makes the soul bitter, I never want to become bitter and I choose not to spend much time around bitter people. I don't want to get the dis-ease.

Anonymous said...

Bitterness is like that of a growth, if left unchecked it will take over slowly until all that is left is the Bitterness itself – powerful and commanding of all things evil.

To have bitterness in life is to have failings of not just oneself but of all things that life has to offer. To open oneself to life is like that of awakening from a deep sleep, clear is the mind ready for a new beginning.

You continue to raise awareness through your wonderful postings, which do give one time to reflect on so many aspects of life. Thank you.


Quill of Bill said...

it best stated in Galatians 5:9, "little leaven leaveneth the whole
lump" Bitterness is the same, a little can make all bitter.

jennifer said...

Thank you for your kind words. I am who God made no more no less. I love that He has given me things and I pray that I use them correctly.

I struggle with bitter people. Not physically, but in wanting to be around them. It is such a downer, and life is for God not gloom.
You are so correct, bitterness is like a growth. I am not always joyful and happy, but I try to be, because life is short, and being bitter destroys all Light. I love the Light in my life, and refuse to turn Him off.
Thank you for being so sweet about my post.
Great scripture reference! I always count on you to help me quickly find a verse! Thank you so much...Jagg

Anonymous said...

I like the backdrop colour - warm and welcoming!!


Anonymous said...

Jen, just to let you know that today is Friday and I am still reading Thursday post!!

At least I hope I am???