Friday, June 29, 2007

Reasons I Home School

Why on earth does one home school? Why on earth does one take upon themselves the responsibility of training their children?

Scripturally here is one reason, Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
This alone is a wonderful promise, as it truly allows you the knowledge that your effort will be fruitful.

What about reasons in the world? What reasons in our society cause one to home school their children? Several come to mind, the homosexual agenda-educating the children that homosexuality is innate. The global agenda- educating children not in pride of their homeland, but world unity. The evolutionist agenda- promoting survival of the fittest ideology, which caters to the idea of bullying, killing, etc. to be the strongest. The anti-religious agenda- the entire premise of removing God from children. When I refer to God, I mean the God of the Judea-Christian faiths.

Although I agree with all the reasons that I posted, I have decided that after 13 years of home schooling that I home school because I want to raise children who know how to think, instead of children being taught what to think.

That is a huge difference. My kids may not be well versed in all the areas of study, but they know how to learn. They know how to research, they know how to compile the information, and they have not been taught what to think.

They have been taught about differences in the world, but not taught that all in the world are equal. I am disgusted that we have to pretend in the United States that Israel is guilty of crimes against humanity, and yet the Middle East and the degradation of women is ignored. The stoning and honor killing are embraced.(definitely ignored)

I am teaching my children to go past the nonsense of abortion and a woman's right to choose. I am teaching the children that animal rights do not take precedence to human rights. I am teaching the children that no one has the right to determine group thoughts, like the Al Gore global nonsense. The movers and shakers in the US have told the rest of us that this is our fault and the world would be better with less people. (meaning less conservatives)

These methods in our public schools are no longer education, but indoctrination. We are having a youth movement similar to the Nazi Youth. Yes, we are, no debate, it is over. The children are taught multi-cultural ism but not the language of the different cultures. And how is sexual choice a cultural difference? If the public schools stopped preaching then maybe the children could get back in the churches and hear real preaching again. The children are being indoctrinated against the Lord. This stain is on all of us. They are taught that God is wrong, his commandments don't belong, and that humans are no more no less of value then an animal. We are raising youth that are for abortion, yet against war, children for welfare and communism, but not for self reliance. We are raising children that are not punished in favor of them 'finding out' who they are.

Nazi youth was a concept that controlled the children prior to the thoughts and beliefs of an adult set in, sounds familiar? All arenas are being covered, in fact yesterday Mr. Obama(Democrat Presidential candidate) suggested that children need to be in school earlier, than kindergarten. Why? To build the foundation of the Left prior to parental beliefs set in!

I know that some of you can not home school or think that I am speaking trash against our school system, and I am sorry that you think that way. I am just giving some reasons to protect and lead and guide the most precious possession that you have, your children.


Anonymous said...

You have shown repeatedly throughout your postings to be someone whose devotion to her family is the priority of life and the nurturing of your children as well as their educational needs – are self evident in their wonderful and amazing talents and their status is to be admired as they progress into young responsible mature adults – whose educational standards have been the highest possible – for who better to teach than that of parents – like yourselves.

Home Schooling should be encouraged wherever possible and for those who may be seriously considering such – I would say look to people like you for there they will find guidance and support.

For too long society has allowed the Education establishment to ‘dictate’ to the children in the ‘blinkered’ beliefs that they know best. The evidence is clearly there for all to see that they were wrong – and when evidence suggests that many parents are taking their own children out of main stream teaching in favour of home schooling – this alone should tell those Establishments they have many ‘failings’ which need to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

I have one criticism – and that is of the following:

You always say the word ‘Sorry’ in your posts.

Never say ‘sorry’ for something that you believe within your own heart and mind to be both right and to stand firm in your principles both as a parent and as a Christian.

jennifer said...

Point well taken, I will try not to apologize again! Thank you so much!

Oh and I appreciate your thoughts, right on, we have place too much faith in the establishment!

Just Theresa said...

From one homeschooler to another,,,


Thanks for the reminder of why to homeschool. lol it's always needed :)

Penless Thoughts said...

"I want to raise children who know how to think, instead of children being taught what to think."

Great, and to the point, post once again.

Anonymous said...

We have been having so much fun with our little homeschool this summer!! =) I have come to the point where I accept that I won't be able to homeschool at least my oldest four, so now my strategy is to just enhance the SKILLS they are learning in school, and REPROGRAMMING whatever nasty PC agenda might be getting fed into them.

(Although, so far it hasn't been bad. Sex ed for my daughter was an abstinence program, and the teacher was obviously pro-life and told the students the truth about how early the baby has a heart beat, brain waves, etc.)

There has been some homosexual behavior that she has seen at school, but then we have already seen it at a restaurant and WalMart, and the homepage this summer, so I still had to explain it to my children... yuck.

So what I always tell them, is that the world or school will tell you xy&z, but that is a lie. The truth is this, this, and this. I still hate that they are in a classroom hearing who knows what for so many hours, but the world will tell them nasty stuff eitjer now or when they're older. So either way I know I need to nurture my relationship with them and earn their trust so they will believe me when I tell them what I know to be true!!! I still hope I can homeschool my baby and any other kids I might have, though!!

Momma Roar said...

T*E*R*R*I*F*I*C post.

Again, reading and nodding my head along in agreement! Thanks for these - I'm feeling attacked some this summer and I needed to hear this from a fellow homeschooler.