Tuesday, June 26, 2007

We're Home

Today was a long day and very hot! We went to the boys orthodontist appointments in Las Cruces, NM. Las Cruces is 70 miles away. After the appointments we met up with my brother UJ and had a quick lunch. We were all excited to see him! We have missed him since he moved to Las Cruces.(to go to school)

After lunch, we then had to drive to El Paso(about 45 miles south). It was a neat drive as we drove over Transmountain. It is very flat, then the mountain pops up, it is very unusual.

Bill's appointment took nearly one hour, and the kids and I sat in the car and played hangman, word games, eye spy, then I took a nap. The jury says that someone snores, but I don't believe it for a minute@!

We had decided to go to the Border Patrol Museum afterwards. This was well worth the stop. We take so much for granted in this country. We are the country we are because of the laws we have. I am so thankful to the men and women that serve as Border Patrol Agents. They have a thankless job. In fact Agents are in jail for doing their jobs. I will post more on pen of jen about this subject. The return home was 80 miles. We traveled in a triangle, I wish the kids were younger, because they would have loved to map this shape! Oh well they were so much fun, I love them every age!

UJ it was great to see you, and Fourth wants me to remind you to hang her drawing on your fridge.


Penless Thoughts said...

It's wonderful the way you guys enjoy each other so much and weave fun into even, what could be, long tedius days.

When we were in Yuma a few years ago they had 2 Borden Patrols (woman - one older who had been doing it for years and one younger who was new on the job) speak to us at the RV campground. It was SOOO interesting and really gave me my first insight into what this job and situation is all about. I'll be eager to read your post and take on it-----as always!!!

Anonymous said...

I have viewed the Border Patrol Museum and in particular all those who died in the line of duty and viewed everyone of those agents.

A reminder to all of the dangers faced to ensure the freedom and security of society.

A deeply moving tribute to all and thank you so much for sharing with us.

Anonymous said...

Now why did the jury not join in? perhaps they could not get the beat!!

Being single, has it's advantages - when it comes to 'snoring'!!

Our Peculiar Life said...

Glad you are home safe and cool. :-)


Jen, I didn't realize you lived so close to El Paso, Texas. My brother worked there until a few months ago for a year and a half. Now, I don't know why that matters, we probably still would not have met but at least it is closer than now. Glad you all had such a good trip and had lots of fun inspite of the snoring. lol connie from Texas

Pam said...

SNORING! *shouting,"she is human after all!"

Sounds like a day when memories were made. I'm so glad you have lots of fun with your crew. It warms my heart to read about your ways of interacting!

Just Theresa said...

Happy you made it home safe with the good memories.

jennifer said...

Susan I am going to write several about the borders, who knows how they will be! I am so glad that you saw that we did make it a fun day, albeit long! (((Hugs right back to you!)))
Peter I am glad that you went to the museum, freedom and national security is never free.

Now as to the jury...have you ever heard of hanging jury? Haha

Being single makes me smile, as whoever falls asleep first here gets the best sleep as both of my children's parents snore quite well thank you:)
Kahri, thank you, I pray that all is well for you too!
Connie, I believe that we are only several hours away from you...maybe some day the trip will come...Except the county we travel to may be alarmed due to the snoring....lol!
Pam I am not human, just ask PETA or an evolutionalist...I am an evolved being...of course I screwed up some things in favor of others!! Height for brains( now I am being goofy, sorry:)

I don't believe that I snore, as I have never heard it, so the jury is biased tainted and I need a really good attorney(which means I am in trouble, because good and attorney???don't belong in the same sentence????!!!!!!!!!!!!!