Saturday, June 16, 2007

Pen of Jen Family Updates

Busy week...let's see, Bill was feeling so poorly that he went to the doctor, missing a day of work. He is on a few new meds. to help with the pain.

First while parked at work, was hit. A co-worker backed into our car. This car is a 1999, but in pristine condition. We have worked very hard at maintaining our vehicles, to have them last as long as possible. The young man who hit the car was glib and said he could care a less if this raises his parents insurance.(made me very sad- the disrespect)

Another home school mom referred my boys to a woman moving. So we went back up on the mountain and I took my younger three and 2 other home school boys to help. They worked very hard, and as a bonus she paid them, including Fourth. She offered to pay me(as I packed the truck as the kids brought the boxes etc. out) I said no thank you. It was important for the young men to work and set an example as honorable men, not for me to take cash. I felt that the boys truly were wonderful and shined a light on home schooling.

I have been struggling with an ear infection for longer than I have imagined. Enough on that.

Sasha our wonderful, companion of many years is beginning to lose control. It saddens Bill and I to have to make a decision to put her down, but I cannot have an animal relieve themselves in the home. We have tried to take her out every hour. So far it is taxing yet the crew is willing to do this. I worry about Sasha and her end. These are the emotions rarely thought of when a new pet is brought home. I remember the pure delight bringing our little pet home. We rescued her from the pound and did not know she was white until I had bathed her. She was grey when we picked her. She only ever growled at any of the kids once. We have a one time rule on animals. She growled and tried to snap at Fourth, as a baby, and Bill gave her a lesson she hasn't forgot. But that was all it took and Sasha has become the best of friends with Fourth. She even sleeps with her:)

The kids are missing my brother too much. Especially with the birthdays this month. I am missing him also. Wish he was here.

So that is why I may have not been popping in to visit too much with blogworld. Summers fill up fast, and we are always up to changing the schedule without a moments notice.


PortraitofPeter said...

I so agree the young man who collided into your vehicle. His disrespect and lack of thought - does make one wonder of some within society.

But how wonderful to see your children working so hard and much appreciated by the lady moving. They are indeed a credit to the young generation.

It's always sad when one has to say good-bye to a beloved family pet and she is so wonderful but you are doing right by her as she would not wish to endure any distress or pain.

Don't worry about having to leave comments - remember only when you want too - that is why blogging is fun and not a chore!!


jennifer said...

Peter, visiting my friends has been so special that I do wish for my friends to know that I am thinking of them, yet busy!

Sasha has caused me much sadness, she has been my brave friend that was awake with me waiting for Bill to come home from duty. She would always stay with who has been sick, because Sasha has slept with that child, oh my heart is heavy. I must be strong for my cutie's but I am ever so sad!

PortraitofPeter said...


Looking at Sasha with Fourth, does make it all the more difficult as the emotional attachment and memories are evident at such times.

She is such a beautiful dog and a true devoted family member.