Thursday, June 14, 2007

And Now You Know

Only Susan guessed correctly! The prize is a loud applause which I am doing right now!

1) I ran cross country and track and actually broke several records for the 100m dash, and the 200m dash, and for the 100m hurdles. TRUE
I am a running fiend. I truly could get over the hurdles and was quite graceful!(25 years ago:)

2)I broke my ankle my senior year of high school and wore a Christmas stocking over the cast to keep my toes warm. TRUE
I went to a dance and tripped on the bleachers in the gym. It was winter in Ohio, and lake effects snows caused alot of snow that year! So I was festive and many called me Jenny the Elf:)

3)I have personally caught many scorpions, in fact I had a scorpion about the size of my palm in my kitchen(which I then caught)TRUE
I am afraid of snakes! In Nevada the scorpions are very big. In New Mexico, last year we averaged 4 scorpions per day in the house. So far this year none:)

4)I was on a flight over a body of water and and one engine failed and the second was in 'distress' The plane was landed on an emergency runway with nearly 30 engines, firefighting equipment and police.TRUE
Bill and I, along with First(when he was a baby) were flying from Florida to Nevada, when this happened. We were over the Gulf of Mexico. We did not pay for a seat for the baby, because he was 6 months old. Ever since this, we have bought a seat for even the baby, so they are in a carseat. I was frightened for my baby, if the landing was rough. Thank God all was well.

5)Bill is an identical twin, and Bill's twins wife is named Jennie FALSE
If there were 2 of my sweetie, I would not know what to do! And if anything I have expressed is a strong love for family, yet I have never mentioned an identical twin!?!

6) For a period of 60 days every time I made spaghetti for dinner there was a fatality at work for my husband Bill. Once it was his Chief who was killed in front of Bill. TRUE
The dispatchers were furious with me and made me promise not to make spaghetti when Bill was on duty. I agreed just to appease them, yet knew the silliness of their request.

7) I have met John Schneider of Dukes of Hazzard fame in Nevada. He was driving the famous General Lee. TRUE
One of the last remaining open road races takes place on 318 The Silver State Classic. Bill's department secured this road, and only those in the race, and the Sheriff's department were permitted to have access. One year I helped raise money for the Shop with a Cop Fund( 1200.00 in 2 hours) I designed at-shirt and hat and sold it to the race participants. John Schneider drives one of the 2or 3 General Lee's in the race. Yes he is sweet, and nice, and a normal guy!

8)I have flown in a military helicopter in the back with the side doors open.TRUE I was life flighted due to complications in pregnancy with Fourth. When I was placed in the back and met the pilot, I asked for this to occur. I always wished to fly in a helicopter and regardless of the situation I wanted to look out. They left the doors open for roughly 10 minutes, and I had an incredible flight!

9)My childhood home had 21 rooms a full basement a 2 car garage, with a barn,
airplane hangar and chicken coop.TRUE
I remember going to see the house for the first time, I was 5, and boy was the house huge! I got lost in the upstairs, in a linen closet. The house had five attics also. I loved to slide down the laundry chute to get outside fast! The basement was scary, as a kid! But my all time favorite thing about the house was that the entire back side of the house had a large screened in back porch, which I slept in every summer, every night, until I moved out to go to school!

Thank you all for guessing and I suppose you may know me a little better!


Momma Roar said...

See? I never guess 'em right either! ;-)

That was fun - I always enjoy learning more!!

PortraitofPeter said...

When can I throw a tantrum at my losing???

jennifer said...

It is OK Leigh Ann, at least we are in good company!
Peter tantrums are welcome when the blogger plays these type of games.I am not pleased that I enjoyed the post with the one lie, more than I should have!

Our Peculiar Life said...

these were fun to read.

Jackie said...

Oh, I thought for sure I was right!