Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Farm House Dinner

For the first time in awhile First was home for dinner! So I created a farmhouse dinner, for us all to enjoy! I did not have the cups on the table, but on the menu was pasta, meat sauce, garlic bread, our home grown zucchini and a fruit and veggie platter.

Fourth has been reading the Little House Books and then the Caroline Years, the Martha years, and the Rose years. This was my attempt to have the spirit of the farm house, prairie dinner! I hope that you enjoy the visuals, as there isn't anything left over!

If you have not participated in my previous post, please jump down and take a guess at what is not true about me. I am revealing the truth Friday!


PortraitofPeter said...

A beautiful presentation and one in which looks so 'inviting'.

Now where do I sit??

Penless Thoughts said...

Your lovely table and the food look wonderful.

jennifer said...

Peter, at the head of the table, where the honored guest would always sit!
Thank you Susan, It was fun for Fourth and I to put together a cute farm presentation.
Right down to the home made denim placemats! And by the way you and Mickey are welcome any day:)

PortraitofPeter said...

Oh, how wonderful.

I promise to keep my elbows off the table and keep my pipe in my pocket!!

Anonymous said...

This looks yummy!! I enlarged it of course. I love your plates and your vintage green pyrex, and anything made with denim patchwork is a favorite of mine. Now I have ANOTHER project that I want to copy!! =) Oh yeah, we always have spaghetti w/ elbow mac too. I love it!!!

jennifer said...

Peter, I am laughing out loud. I must say "elbow" at least 3 times per meal...why that drives me crazy!!!
I made a corn cob pipe when I was a kid, that was completely functional, so pipes welcome in the pocket, and smoking out in the garden:)
Kitty, I am an eclectic collector, in fact the pot is from the 1930's, sometimes I feel like I was from a different era. I am so glad that you noticed. I ran out of spaghetti noodles hence the elbow:) All works well in the tummy!