Saturday, May 26, 2007

Youth Group Updates

On Thursday we organized a water gun fight in a local park for the home school group.

Here is Luke who just the moment before was squirted and shocked, I called him and said smile...and bam...cute smile!

Third is in the Pepsi shirt soaking, his friend Dori next to him soaking, and Fourth is the soaking one on the right side of the photo!

This photo requires some deep looking. One kid was on one side hiding and squirting, and two kids were on the other side. It was hilarious watching the battle ensue!

Here is Second, armed to the hilt, using some of his dads, police and rescue gear, to hold water guns, and water balloons.

This was our last park get together until the fall. We meet on Thursdays at a local park so the kids can just play and have fun. The parents use this time to visit, and uplift eachother.

On Friday we meet and have organized P.E. Bill and another mom and I are over this activity. We had some issues over location, which is why I asked for prayers, and thank you all so much. We have had many resolutions as to where to meet next year, and I know that the prayers are the reasons.

We currently meet at a church that graciously has permitted us to use their gym. Only one or two families belong to this church, the rest of us are Christians and attend various churches around town. That being said, I am going to not say anything else on the gym.

Friday was Fun Day Friday, and we had a wonderful time. We played musical chairs, and used the song Blessed Be the Name, as the song. Then we had DODGEBALL(no surprise) and then we did relays. The kids as always were well behaved and a delight. After gym day 7 boys came over to my house and 'hung out' with the boys! The group has so many friendships, I love the families and enjoy being part of something so wonderful.


PortraitofPeter said...

Now that is fun!!

Don't tell me you did not take part??

If I had been there - rest assured I would have joined in - although my pipe would probably have got wet - but hey - fun times!!!

Great post and photos.

jennifer said...

Peter, I of course had a water gun, in case one of the kids thought I was fair game. Many did and then were squirted by me. After which we both would laugh!

I don't think that I will ever be old! I am never going to put a boundary on what I can and can not do based on age:)

Now I was surprised by an anonymous water balloon, so the war will be continued at a later date!!!!

And yes, I have considered writing a book, or two, so surely we will 'swap' our books!

Our Peculiar Life said...

you guys do such fun things! I wish I was in your group!!

I'm glad the other issues were resolved.

jennifer said...

Kahri thank you for the compliment, but I know for sure that you are so very organized and fun! But I love that you enjoy seeing what we do!