Friday, May 25, 2007

Home Schooling

Home schooling is such a divisive subject. It splits families and friends right down the middle. And why is that? Why would those who have their children in public school be so anti the home school movement? We pay taxes for the public schools, and we receive nothing in return from the government to fund our children's education.

Shouldn't that be enough for an outsider to ponder the reasoning? Why would one give up any glimpse of personal time to educate children if it was some crazy issue? We choose to educate our children after accessing the public schools agenda has changed over the past 30 years into being a platform for an extremely loose viewpoint and world view instead of America view.

We choose to do without, so that our children will be educated in the true sense of the word, not being educated by powerful groups that want to desensitize the children about homosexuality, create children that believe that America is evil and destroying the planet and having the NEA decide what curricula should be used. Remember the basics?

Teachers are angry that they may be held accountable for children failing. Wow, shouldn't that be who is accountable? If the teachers focused on the basics, and skipped the indoctrination(showing Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth over and over)
saying that the Bush is worse than Bin Laden, and teaching sexual orientation instead of abstinence. My goodness, why teach how a homosexual couple has relations. This is sick. Why teach five year olds about the fairy tale about two kings. The children are not even old enough(or shouldn't be aware) of any sexual behavior.

Now I am not knocking public schools, but the system no longer is heading towards the education of our children,but a bankroll from us weak taxpayers.

I could purchase all the supplies for my kids(k-12) with the money spent on one child, per year in public school. The system is wasting the money, and we are constantly told that teachers are so underpaid. Hey so are cops, but this career choice was the teachers, and therefore not an issue. If one wanted a large income, become a doctor, lawyer or gambler.

If my kids fail, it is on me. So I make darn sure that the basics are being mastered.
If home schooling was so terrible, then why are the results so impressive? Why are average intelligence home schooled students testing so high? Because unlike the public schools, we demand the best, no ADHD, no labels no excuses. Life is coming no matter what label or what we diagnose the children with. They will need to become members of society. So the question is: Do you want a person to go into the world demanding exemptions due to all kinds of fluff, or do you want person, who was taught that hard work nets results, family, God, and country are important, and that a large part of education is researching and finding answers, not having something fed to you without thought or reason?

For those whose children are in the public schools, you can accent the education they receive. Take nothing for granted, read all the required books that your kids read. A few years ago a history book recorded Columbus discovering the New World in 1500. Also review information, and tell the kids your viewpoint. Global warming and global cooling are cycles not what Al Gore is teaching. George Bush is not evil, our economy despite the MSM is the best it has ever been, and we have lower unemployment than under Clinton. Your children will not be told this in the schools. You must arm them with how to find the truth.


PortraitofPeter said...

My one regret is that I have never been blessed with children - had I done so.

You can be assured that they too would have had "Home Tution" for therein is the knowledge,guidance and support - that would help nuture in future years.

Congratulations to YOU ALL - I would heartedly endorse "Home Schooling".

Momma Roar said...

A great post Jen. I taught in ps before having children, and there are many, many devoted teachers - then, there are those on the complete opposite spectrum, being lazy and not pushing themselves to be a better teacher or the students to be better students. I saw firsthand how many children get pushed to the side - those who were 'gifted' got extra attention, and those needing support got extra attention. But those in the middle didn't get anything extra - they were neglected and many suffered because of that.

Just Theresa said...

As a homeschooler myself I agree with you. I too do not understand why we are so hated. I TEACH and yes I said TEACH, my children the important things they will need when time to get jobs. Remember the three "R's" Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic? What is teaching about the homosexual movement going to help our children with when they are looking for jobs??? I'll tell you what,, NOTHING! The public school system is a bad place for children hands down. And stay at home moms, who teach their children instead of getting high paying jobs are the best mothers a child could have, and should NOT be looked down upon because she LOVES her children enough to keep them out of public school.

Sorry so long, but this is something that is close to my heart.


Penless Thoughts said...

Great post as always, Jennifer.

Bob said...

I homeschool and agree with many of your points.

Kitty said...

Wow, I haven't checked this site in a few days, and you have been busy posting so much great stuff!!

You already know how I feel about homeschooling, so I will just say again I agree with what you said and I don't understand some people either. I have become more and more determined to build on what my kids are already learning in school. (I posted my summer school schedule, maybe you could tell me if you think I should change something?) I have different needs to focus on this summer. One needs a lot of help with his writing, another with her math. Two just need to maintain their skills.

You are right about making sure they know the family's beliefs about the stuff they are being indoctrinated with, too. My parents with their Catholic School education in the 50's had no idea what kind of liberal garbage I was going to be fed in CA public school. By the time I came home and told them my thoughts about abortion and gay rights,and also what I thought about my parents' attempts to "force their beliefs on me," they were alarmed and upset but it was too late for them to change my mind. (Thank God I saw the light later on!!!) So I have been busy warning my kids about the lies they'll be told, and hopefully they will believe me and not the schools.

Your garden looks great, by the way. In my old house we had a huge garden like that, too, and it saved so much money. I am going to try growing a couple of pots of vegetables on my balcony, and we'll see how that goes...

jennifer said...

Peter, I believe that you have been blessed with all the worlds children, I see this in your compassion and understanding and love you offer for the ones who need all the love. God Bless you for your Compassion.
Leigh Ann It is a sad testimony of those average children( you know most of them, as most of us fall in the average range)
I love that you have seen both sides!
Theresa I am so glad to have found such friends in the world, friends who share my beliefs. But home schooling is no longer for the religious, but to protect the very innocence of our youth.
Susan Thank you for your kind words. I value your opinion so much!
Bob I am glad you and I share some of the same opinions. I am truly looking to point out that home schooling is the better of 2 worlds, now that indoctrination is the norm.
Kitty I think that you and your summer plans for your children are wonderful. By being so involved your children have no doubt the value you place on learning. I would truly hone in on teaching the children how to find out information. The best thing we can teach our children is how to find out the information. Such as the Bible. Read daily to know what the Lord expects of us.
Good luck on the gardening. If you don't get to it, no stress, you are a busy mom, with a baby. Steady pace, and don't add additional things that may make you feel overwhelmed.
I am so pleased to have gotten to know you:)