Monday, February 12, 2007

Weekend Update Notes

We had a fantastic weekend! The kids helped get the back yard ready for our raised bed gardens. I look forward to getting the seeds planted. The weather really was wonderful.

Fourth and I went and visited friends from our Homeschool group. The girls played outside and played a board game. I chatted with the mom. She is from the Philippines and is wonderful to talk to. The girls were taught how to paint rocks like animals. They were absolutely amazing. I will try and take a photo and post it. Actually Fourth and I are going to try and paint some lady bug rocks. Photos to come soon.

Sunday's sermon was quite a lesson. It is so important to stay focused on our Savior.

The kids have finished Acts and are almost finished with Esther in the Bible.

Second and Third are busy constantly being goof-balls. I had to run to the city today and let's just say at 13(40 days shy of 14) and 14 are too young to be around permanent markers! As I discovered upon my arrival at home:)

After checking all school work Fourth and I played Risk. Risk is such a super strategy game.