Friday, February 9, 2007

Fun Day Friday

Today we had our Friday activity! It was another great day, and we had nearly 50 kids show up! At the beginning we awarded the children who missed last week the ribbons for the gym contest, and corrected an error that I made last week. In the standing long jump, I missed my son Third. He took 2nd place, so this week I fixed the error.

Also we awarded a certificate to one of our youngest children in the group(6years), for memorizing the books of the Bible in order!

During the afternoon we played flag football, kickball, and steal the flag. The weather was absolutely beautiful! Next week we will meet again at the gym, and we will play volleyball.

After the homeschool activity we had Keepers at Home. A few weeks ago, I mentioned that we were praying for the Ross family because the mom was in the hospital(pregnant with twins). She had the babies, Joseph and Joshua, and aside from needing to gain a few ounces all is well. So for Keepers of the Home the girls threw a baby shower for the older sisters. The sisters had to be apart from their mom for about 5 weeks, so they needed to know how much their friends care for them.

It was a wonderful baby shower and the girls played three games, had snacks, were talked to about the importance of what God wanted us to do, and had FUN!

Next week we are going to learn about herb gardening. I can't wait! Maybe we will add it to our outside garden! It will be fun to learn about.

Check out the photos of the activity on bottom of page or click on the link to see the photos on flickr.