Friday, February 16, 2007

A New Game?

Today was Fun Day Friday, and what an exciting day! We had less children today, but that worked out just fine. We divided the children into those playing volleyball, and the younger ones. I took the seven youngest kids outside and we played shadow tag, corner out, and Simon says. The other group was taught some more fundamentals and then drills, then they played for about one hour.

Then we played the all-time favorite kid's game DODGEBALL!!! I must say that I am very surprised at the popularity of this game. Everyone loves to play this, in fact sometimes some of the moms play!

For the last few weeks we have requested the children to come up with game ideas. Maybe a game that they played in a different town, or one that their family played, then write it down and we will try and play it with the group. A very funny game was turned in by a girl, called Kill The Boys. She wrote the rules: the boys line up against the wall and the girls throw dodgeballs at them. The boys are not allowed to catch the balls, throw them back at the girls, laugh or make fun of the girls.

Well the girls kept asking to play this game, so we we took a vote and the boys were definitely good sports, so we played this...

Here are the boys feigning disinterest!

And the girls attacking!

And attacking!