Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Year in Review

December 31, 2006

Another year to be filed in the memory box, memories of a variety of emotions.

2006 was a delightful year! We moved in February from Nevada to New Mexico, what a change that made!

Our new home has nearly 40,000 people in town! Quite a difference from around 5,000 people in the entire county!

School has been fast paced, and full of new exciting things. In fact we took our school on the road for a few months! In July we drove to Florida, and the kids saw Hurricane Katrina side effects, even after a year. We swam in the Gulf of Mexico, camped in Texas and Alabama, and we saw so many different communities. Oil wells, cattle ranches, alligator farms, and driving over a swamp!

In Pensacola, we went to Dinosaur Adventure Land. Kent Hovind was amazing, especially in person. Kent Hovind has a wonderful DVD series about creation. It is a must see for the family.

Geography is so easy when you see the area you are studying!

By August our oldest completed all his credits and graduated from H.S! We are so happy for him!

In October we traveled to Fort Davis, Texas, Carlsbad Caverns, Presidio, Tx., and Ojinaga, Mexico(where my in laws immigrated from)This trip was very exciting!

We loved the old Army Garrison. It was so neat, and there was a fun worksheet that the kids did to receive a badge.

We went to the Baptist church in Fort Davis for Wednesday night Bible study. It was not a Bible study like any we had been to before. The study was not using the Bible, it was studying Rick Warren's new book. In fact the Pastor would say "Rick says that this is the way...". I can't say how shocked I was. The Bible was never mentioned or used. Only Mr. Warren was quoted not Christ. Our prayers are truly for people to stay in the word first and foremost.

Carlsbad Caverns are beyond description! It is a must see for anyone. The underground caverns can really be an exciting family get away!

Going across to Mexico is not something new for us, we have gone to Mexico many times because my in-laws came from Mexico. I want the kids to understand what Mexico is like, and to see where/ why someone may desire to leave.

Then we went to Tombstone, Bisbee,and Douglas Az., and crossed over into Agua Prieta, Mexico. Tombstone was a fun town, it has an entire street replicating the 'old west'. There was also a 'shootout'. Our son Trey was asked to be in part of the enactment.

We went to Wednesday night Bible study/ prayer meeting in Tombstone. Now this was an amazing prayer service. We studied the word and really made some friends.

Bisbee is a mining gives a great example of how many of our communities survive. Seeing the deep pits in the earth was truly awesome.

Douglas is a beautiful, clean town, but Agua Prieta is a border town filled with people waiting to cross.

Taking our school on the road was wonderful and we really had lessons that will stay with the kids. 2006 was truly a year for the memory books and so will 2007!

In fact, we look forward to 2007 for many new experiences to see and learn!

*The Photo is of Third, Second, and Fourth with some of the actors of the Shootout of the O.K. Corral in Tombstone Arizona.

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