Sunday, January 28, 2007

About McBenning School

December 29, 2006

Our homeschool has a name because whenever we went anywhere adults would ask my kids where they went to school. They would respond that they were homeschooled and immediately the adult would ask them if they miss public school!

This really bothered me because it made the older child at the time thought that maybe he was missing out on something. Now if the children are asked where they go to school the answer evokes no questions.

Now I know that sharing about homeschooling gives people insight to this as an option. But, I want to be questioned, not the kids.

Where we live now, my husband and another woman lead a homeschool group on Fridays. My kids call it Fun-Day-Fridays. It is 1.5 hours long and is like P.E. with some extras. We average 35-40 children, and 10-12 moms each week! This groups age range is from 4-17, like a one room school house. It's remarkable how well everyone gets along.

Throughout the years we tried several types of curriculum, and have found out that the one I pieced together works the best.

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