Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bible Study Plans

December 31, 2006

I am studying a course on how to teach the Bible, so of course I am going to use my new found knowledge with my children.

►Staying the same will be the daily required Bible reading, but this year(2007) we will read the entire Bible.

►The second thing we will be doing for Bible Studies is what I am learning to teach right now!
♦The first course, which we will complete in by February, will deal with what Sin is, The Need for Salvation, The Believer's Two Natures, Faith and Works, and What Eternal Life Is and How It Is Received.
♦The second course, which we will complete in April, will deal with Christ our Deliverer, Shepherd Work of Christ, Acceptable Prayer, Practical Christianity, and the Second Coming of Christ.
♦The third course, which we will complete in May, will deal with the Bible, Freedom, Salvation and Rewards, Things to Come, and Satan.
♦The fourth course, which we will complete in July, will deal with Believers and Unbelievers, Full Assurance, The Believers Standing and State, Man, and God Tests Man.

►We will also have a weekly Bible memory verse, which they will write every day and on Friday will be tested orally.

I love the start of the really is when we start new lessons!

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