Sunday, January 28, 2007

Fun Day Friday

January 12, 2007
Today is Fun Day Friday! We meet with about 40-45 kids every Friday, and have a gym day. My husband works through his lunches so he can help by taking the two hours off. This is important as he and I with another woman are in charge.
We begin with a prayer, then we have a mini object lesson. The kids are amazing and respectful. This year we have a challenge to memorize the books of the Bible in order. If one succeeds we give them a five dollar gift card and a certificate. Two of our six year olds have memorized all 66 books! How amazing!
Today we are going to ask the kids to submit recipes that they kids love at home, or that they created by themselves. I am going to put together a simple cookbook for our group.
The games we play are dodgeball, volleyball, basketball, clothespin tag, relays and kickball. The favorite of the activities is dodgeball!
We have 2 families that need extra prayers.
The Ross family has 7 daughters ages 1-13 and Mrs. Ross is pregnant with twin boys. She was life flighted quite a distance away due to complications. Pray for her to at least make it to 32 weeks, and for family to be comforted while separated.
The other family is the Tague family. Mr. Tague had a heart attack on 15 December, and is regaining strength. He is the only money earner and a very devoted father.
Please add them to your prayers.

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