Sunday, January 28, 2007

Game Time

January 15, 2007

Its amazing to realize that playing games with your children are incredible learning opportunities.
Now I've known this for quite a while, but today we played Risk again. I love the game. It requires much strategy, thought, and planning. When we first began playing years ago we had to help the kids find each continent to find the countries. Now they quickly place their game pieces.
We play a game called Ninety-Nine, which is a fast paced adding game, but no one knows that they are doing math. This game is always a game we teach to new friends, and then they become Ninety-Nine fans.
This year we received chess set(seems like we always lose the pieces). So for 2007 I think chess is fast becoming a favorite. The kids truly are mastering the game, and both my husband and I really have to concentrate.
Now the world seems to be plugged in requiring children to master everything electronic. I believe that by spending time with your children, and playing with them teaches them vital skills for the future.
Remember when time was explained as being "quality time" not quantity time. How foolish is that? Kids need you for all moments in their life. Remember after only 18-20 years you have to throw them into the world. Give them all your time, love and the knowledge ofJesus Christ before they go.
( If anyone is interested in the rules to Ninety -Nine, let me Know.)

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