Sunday, December 23, 2007

New Direction

Well my dear friends who visit me on my home school front...I am consolidating my blogs to another, one that incorporates all the avenues I have chosen...home schooling, living on less, being a Christian.

I have enjoyed blogging ever so much, and like a silly teen have written and written and written much for my own vanity. I so love to write and have almost a compulsion to use the why not be a little more focused?

Thank you for stopping by, and if you wish here is my new blog Double Nickel Farm.

Merry Christmas to all! Oh and have a very blessed new year!


diana said...

hi jen,
can i ask why you have 2 blogs? what's the difference between pen of jen and the new one, double nickel farm? just wondering.

jennifer said...

Diana- I keep the penofjen pretty much low to minimal kid stuff...kind of a way to protect the kids identities.

But this other the Double Nickel is what I had in mind when I began spurring to a zillion blogs.

I want one other place that is for all the rest...personal, school, crafts, me etc...

Pen of Jen has taken several hits due to content...especially when I write about abortion or welfare or the such.

I just want to have a place more for the select few who know me to visit.

Pen of Jen will still exist and have the captions and the commentaries and the what not. But the rest will be switched to Double Nickel.

Does that help?