Monday, October 15, 2007

Battle for the Benches

Since First is off beginning his own life, and busy 24 hours a day, we have had to adjust to just 5 most days. First isn't able to come home every weekend due to commitments with the business. So we miss him, but a dilemma has occurred. With First gone the balance of the benches is gone. Here is the table, and in this house it is also the school room. As you can see the table is painted with each place each one of us was born. So each kid sat next to their birth place. With 2 kids on one bench and one of the other, disagreements occurred. So being the mom I am I opened the bench in a competition on Sunday when we play a family game. The winner of the game gets the bench for the following week, for meals, for dinner, for whatever.

Second won 3 weeks running. The other 2 were slightly angry but amicable. Then FoUrTh won for 2 weeks running, and Third was really ready to win. So last night we played Ninety-nine. It is a fast paced counting game, that each player has 3 pieces. Lose all the pieces you are out. Third won!! Yay!! So the competition has been rough, but a challenge to win a bench to oneself has wonderful advantages. School all alone on one side, no one to short-stop the food at dinner and so on.

So another window in a long about way as to why I think passing on awards is a good thing. It is rewarding to accomplish something. Sure some awards are cheesy, but cheesy or not blogging is not easy, and to keep ones privacy, while sharing oneself is difficult.

So for this week Third will reign on the lone bench. I will smile and slightly miss my sweetie, my first born and his jovial ways at the table, all the while looking forward to next weeks competition!


Penless Thoughts said...

You are so clever the way you can make a game out of things. Life at your house sounds fun!!

MightyMom said...

ooo goody!! room for ME!!!!

Jackie said...

Love this. I am such a huge competitor myself, and have passed it along to my kids. In our family, for those quick decisions, like who gets to sit in front seat of the car, who gets to eat the last cookie, I do "Pick a Number." I have a number from 1-10 in my mind, the one who gets the closest wins. No whining if you lose is allowed!


Your family must have a great time around the table. Sounds like fun to me. connie from Texas

Congrat. to those winning the lone bench.

Pam said...

What fun! Its hard to be creative with awards while homeschooling only one! We do come up with things but it just isn't the same as having that comaraderie with siblings!

Pam said...

Oh I meant to tell you in my last comment, "I love your school room!" It looks so - well, schoolish!