Tuesday, September 25, 2007

This and That

Just a bit of wandering today. I am a home school mom that loves the idea of Journal writing. I have the kids maintain a journal every other day. I do not read it, but I do look to make sure that they have written a full page. I do this for several reasons. First I do this because writing is an important skill that many people do not have. I also do this for the children to observe, because usually they will write about what happened where. This is so important.

I also have them keep a journal because we so a Christian type of scouting In the Keepers of the Faith Scouting, they have journal writing under the heading of Biblical Girlhood, or Biblical Young Men.

Our option of Scouting was the traditional scout groups. But Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts have strayed quite a bit from yesteryear, and I wanted the children to have the Lord in their thoughts in all their activities. So we use the Keepers of the Faith books in home school. Bill is over the boys(Contenders for the Faith) and is planning to begin again in October. The girls(Keepers at Home) meet after January, so until then, I have incorporated activities in the curriculum. We have boys as young as six participate, but I think that 7-8 is the best age. The kids work towards merit badges, or patches. They do cost around $2.50 a piece, but again it is extremely fun for the kids. (Keepers and Contenders)
(Oh I paid around $14.00 for each handbook...well worth it!)

Now to my wanderings...I went to a thrift store today. I found a great book for .50!! I will be infusing this into their journal activities. It has subjects such as faith, loyalty, compassion, courage and so much more! It also has some craft projects that I know FouRtH will love to do.

So as I wander, I guess I am coming to a close. As a home school mom, every moment I look for an opportunity to blend teaching and learning. I only have a small period of their lives to teach them what they will need to function in the United States, and I take this very seriously!


MightyMom said...

and what a great mom you are!

Penless Thoughts said...

Teaching and planting every opportunity. That's what mothering is all about.

Jackie said...

Writing for enjoyment is important to learning to write well, I think. My oldest daughter loves to write stories, and it started from journaling and reading.

Penless Thoughts said...

Having heard an answer from my e-mail to you of 9-20. Did I say something wrong? Are you upset with me?