Friday, September 21, 2007

McBenning Students

Here is FoUrTh. She wanted this picture taken the other night because she loved how her hair looked! I agree:)

Here is Third and Pepsi. I am not sure, but I think that the students were trying to pull a fast one!!(Pepsi is wearing Second's shirt)

Here is Second, after working out. He came into the living room and we surprised him. Forgive the fact that the top of the tv center is our collection *spot*.

Now a quick update about First. I have been adjusting to him living 70 miles away as he has too. One week after he moved to Las Cruces the owners of the company he works for wanted to meet with him. He called me the night before. He said "Mom, I have made some notes on how I think that we can make improvements, and I want to share them with the owner, what do you think?" I told him off course. (We have taught the kids do your best and always give all you can to what ever job you are in.)

Well, when First was hired last August he was told that to be a store assistant manager, one must be 21(he has been a crew manager for a week after hired was elevated). After his meeting with the owners, they began training him as a store assistant manager, and he will next year have an opportunity to have his own store. It is a start up company that is really doing well here in New Mexico. First is so excited. Me too, but honestly, he is such a hard worker. Bill and I have really tried to instill strong work ethics in the kids.

So my baby is growing up, going to take business classes to help him, and by next year(age 18.5) will possibly have ownership in his own store. I must take a moment to praise God for leading us in home schooling, as I know it has made all the difference.



Tell Fourth, I love her hair and she looks lovely. Pepsi looks quiet happy with his parterner putting a shirt on him. You are very blest with all your children and I am so happy for you. It speaks a lot about their great parents. May God bless you all. love from that Texan, named connie

Pam said...

Oh sweet jen, I can tell you are just busting at the seams with a momma's pride, and well you should be! Tell First I'm proud of him as well!

I love Fourth's hair! As a metter of fact, when I opened up your blog, the first thing that popped into my mind (yeah, there is a lot of empty space in there!) was "What gorgeous hair!"

MightyMom said...

4th is just beautiful!! must take after mom, huh?!!

2nd looks like he's zipping his fly...but don't tell HIM that!!

What impressed me the most was your flag of honor over the window in the door. I'm assuming it's for your dad, but I'm curious (forgive me), I thought when the service member died you either "earned a gold star" or turned the star on its side?? We have a stained glass window in our church (circa 1888) with a flag with the star to the side for a lost soldier. It's caused no end of 21st century division in our church for the ignorant who think the sideways star is a "pentagram" (meaning evil)....drives me up the wall. If you'd like I can take a pic of the window....I like telling folks that ANY 5 sided shape is a pentagram.

Congrats to First. He's doing very well. Going to follow in family footsteps with his own business huh??


jennifer said...

Connie thank you for your kind words. Pepsi is so happy with anything that the kids do!I do feel very blessed with these children. Praise be to God

Pam- I am bursting! Yep Fourth has beautiful hair!! I love helping her create a hairdo!

Sarah thank you...but 4th is absolutely from the other side of the family. I wish I was the donor, but I always refer to me as the carrier! I hope the email explained the star over the door window. and yes if one can work it is similar to the family!!

Penless Thoughts said...

Love the pictures. Fourth hair, and the rest of her, beautiful.

What a great report on First and I am not one bit surprised!!! Hard work and doing more than required are such rare traits today that anyone who demonstrates them will, and does, fast rise to the top.

Jackie said...

Beautiful children, Jennifer, inside and out!

Momma Roar said...

Jennifer - what awesome news about First. And the rest of the pictures are terrific too! Oh to have beautiful long hair....:)

I too want to build a strong work ethic in my children - my hubby certainly has that - a trait that is rare these days, for sure