Thursday, September 13, 2007

Required Reading

Last year we had required reading that followed biographies. Several Christian missionaries, and several prominent historical figures. It was a huge success and the kids wrote book reports galore.

This year, we are reading some classics. We have started with my favorite author, Mark Twain, and his complete short stories. If you are familiar with his writings, yesterday the kids read the Death Disk. It is not a story of evilness, but of character, military discipline, and finally asking for forgiveness from the Lord. It is only 8 pages and very well worth the read.

Mark Twain has several great works aside from his short stories. We are going to do a author biography as a group while following each author.

Remember the education and training of your children is Your responsibility first. If the children attend public school please follow up on everything they study. Read what they read and if necessary supplement. The final arena of blame if children are failing in public schools are the parents. So get rid of the TV, the game systems and sit down and read the Bible, read a good book, paint together, walk together. It is that easy.

Back to reading, we will read several works by Twain, concluding with Tom Sawyer. Then on to Charles Dickens.

Have a wonderful day, and my advice is slow down and take the time to read. First the Lords word and then a book of great merit, that shows and teaches and causes one to laugh.


Pam said...

Nice to give us a peek into some of your schooling goals for the year. In answer to your question about which curriculum I use for Shane - I think I'll just post it on my blog in a day or so.

I'm feeling no pain from the biospy and am allowed to remove the tape this evening and start my NSAID up tomorrow. Hip Hip Hooray! God has been so good to me thru all of this. Yes, I've had some fatigue and pain due to the RA and no meds, but no major, out of my head agony!! Hallelujah!

Jackie said...

I'm in whole-hearted agreement, Jennifer. Keep up the good work!

MightyMom said...

oooo Twain and Dickens...two of my fav authors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Jumping Frog of Calaveras County

Hard Times

Must reads!!

I've done many reports on those two authors and their works. Hard Times was the best research paper I did in HS. I critiqued the characterization of each major character and how everything from their name, description, home, all play a part in telling us who this character is. Very visual, very awesome!!

If you get into Melville at all.
Bartleby the Schrivner is another great research/critique story. There's been a lot published about it...just WHAT is he saying!!!!!

MightyMom said...

You know, Subvet always quotes Twain as saying that if he owned both Hell and Texas, he'd live in Hell and rent out Texas.

He also quotes Twain's commentary on a "well trained conscience".....

Karen said...

Oh please keep letting us know what you're reading. I know we had our favorites but I like hearing everyone else's. I'm reading aloud to my daughter and her friend every morning as part of our schooling (they're five). Right now we're reading through the Little House series. We 'churned' some butter the other day to go along with it. Any other great books for little girls, Jen? I was loaded down with books that the boys would enjoy more after schooling the first four, I'm in new territory with these girls.