Monday, September 10, 2007

Christian Word List

In addition to other schoolwork, I have the kids define 26 Christian words per month. They use a student Bible dictionary and also have to reference a scripture. This teaches the children words and their meanings in the Christian faith, additional writing and penmanship skills and using reference materials to look things up.

I talked to a family that lives nearby and promised to copy this list for them. Robert and Jamie, time has gotten the best of me, so I am posting it here. Please forgive me.

Here is September's List. I have it written in a standard notebook, with 3 columns, one for each child. When they finish a word, they check that word off in their column.

assurance....barren....Caesar....derison....endure....first fruits....genealogy....Hades....idle....


October's List
astrologers....Bridegroom....cleave....dulcimer.... eunuch....froward....gird....hastle....idol

The assignment for September is also to write a paper about science and the Bible. They must take a scientific fact and walk the reader through the information, the opposing side, and the facts in the Bible.

I am going to post the completed papers for the kids when they are done. Second is using the mountains in Jonah for his scientific fact in the Bible. His initial draft is very good.

Third is taking the premise of Creation. This is a tougher subject yet he too has made great strides in his rough draft. Fourth is taking the position of Adam and Eve. I have not read too much of her paper as she is still honing in on the initial draft. I am pleased at this subject. We must learn the bible. Not as something that we open once a week, but every day multiple times. God gave us this as a guide and it is marvelous for so many things in our lives.

So that is a brief update on McBenning School.


Penless Thoughts said...

I love to hear your means of teaching your children, Jennifer. I am always so impressed with it. Hopefully you are raising 4 just like you, who can and WILL tackle the issues with facts.

Jackie said...

This is superb, Jennifer!

I have my kids write down key words while I'm reading a chapter out of the Bible. Also, they are drawing a picture or a series of pictures about what I am reading. It's a great way to keep their minds engaged while the Scripture is being read.

We're in Hosea right now -- and that needs to be edited for content occasionally!

Jackie said...

By the way, hope your mouth is feeling better after the recent dental work.

jennifer said...

Susan Thank you coming from me it is a wonderful comment! Yes we all must be armed to be able to tackle issues. Of course the first armor is in Ephesians!!

Jackie- yes we colored the scriptures too...Hosea, excellent to continue plugging away regardless. All of God's word is for us.
Thanks for the wishes about my teeth. Who knows when I will feel great? Who cares....I guess teeth are more than dime a dozen( ore like thousands!!)

Pam said...

Great idea Jen! I'm doing something similar with Shane this year in Bible. We are in 2 Samuel, studying more in depth the life of David. Before he reads the scripture and the story in a text, he first has a few vocabulary words to look up and write the definition to. He is receiving vocabulary skills and dictionary skills. He is really enjoying school this year. He seems so happy and excited about it which is a blessing to this mom! My first one NEVER enjoyed anything about school, well except P.E. and field trips!!