Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Biosphere 2

We went to *see* the Biosphere 2. I had seen a movie with Pauly Shore, and the Biosphere was in it. So we passed it and I asked to stop.

I think that it is past it's thrill, as many gates were overgrown or falling down, and here is half of the parking lot. The other half is closed off.

Read this, may need to enlarge it!!

Another view of the sign!

In the parking lot you could not see the Biosphere, so here it is as we traveled to it. We did not go in as it cost 20.00 per adult, and 13.00 per kid. (79.00) So I was pleased to see that no one else seems interested either!!

BTW I did not have to go in, and saw beautiful butterflies..click to see what I saw. They were busy in the flowers!


A Note From Theresa said...

When you know your business is going under.

Well you did get to see butterflys

Penless Thoughts said...

We visited the Biosphere. It was really something. But it was also a big failure!!! That's why it lays almost deserted and abandoned now.

MightyMom said...

someone want to clue me in here?

Karolee said...

How interesting. I remember learning about the biosphere and always thought it would be cool to visit.

Pam said...

Hey there stranger! I've missed you again!

Your vacation sounds great, I know you all enjoyed hitting the road together.

The droppings would have had me gagging too. Thank God for such good boys and helpers you and Bill have.


Wow! how beautiful and all for free.

I think maybe they failed because they tried to charge too much so they lost everything. Now very few can see it. I am glad you got the beautiful picture. connie from Texas

jennifer said...

Theresa-the butterflies were very neat!

Susan- I can see the failure...but a lower fee would bring on some.

Sarah click on the link in the article...Not much except that it is in the middle of now where.

Karolee- if the inside is anything like the outside...it would not be worth it.

Pam it was a working vacation and was cool!!

Connie- yes too bad...as for say 25.00 we would have gone in and the kids would have spent some of there money on a trinket or two. But it was beautiful to drive there and I love the outdoors much more than man made things! God is AWESOME!

Pam said...

ok THIS IS JUST wEIRD! I was here last night and read your list of Bible Vocab words! Now today I sign on and poof , there gone and I'm back to the old Biosphere post! This is driving me insane!! LOL