Thursday, August 23, 2007

Susan tagged me with this neat little survey of sorts. I love this because it shines a light on me, and gives my blog friends another window to view me. All these are my answers so you may chuckle with or agree with or say that you didn't know that, but I completed this to share me.

ACCENT -nope, just old fashioned mid-west America

I DON"T DRINK - alcohol, coffee or my line to catch Bill was of course...ME!

CHORE I HATE - putting the laundry away. I am doing this while three laundry baskets(folded) sit on my bed.

PETS - a Basset Hound named Pepsi, and a guinea pig named Buddy(and 20 zillion flies:(

ESSENTIAL ELECTRONICS - computer, laptop, cellphone, digital camera

PERFUME - I like Lady Stetson...but rarely wear perfume.

GOLD or SILVER - neither. As I posted before, my wedding rings were stolen, so I have never replaced them,although they were white gold. I am pretty basic!

INSOMNIA - nope. But my sweetie suffers at night from pain. He is up and down many times.

JOB TITLE - Wife and Mother

MOST ADMIRED TRAIT - I am at a pause!?

KIDS - 3 sons, 1 daughter...all delights for their dad and I!


RELIGION - I am a born again Christian, knowing of my destiny. I am part of the body of Christ.

SIBLINGS - 3 brothers, 2 sisters, 1 half sister, 1 step sister. But I have many brothers and sisters in the Lord!

TIME I WAKE UP - Bill wakes me up around 6:00. He then nudges me by 7:00 to iron his clothes:)

UNUSUAL TALENT/SKILL - I have known all of my adult life that I can see in others what they cannot see. I take this very seriously, and try diligently to uplift another and let them see who they are. I am always amazed when one minimizes their talents or skills.


WORST HABIT - twirling my hair!

X-RAYS - When I was a kid many for bronchitis, dental x-rays, several ultrasounds for pregnancies!

MY FAVORITE MEAL - Bean enchiladas with rice, and sides of salsa, onions and lettuce!!!!

OK this was fun and I am supposed to tag 5 people. If you want to do this feel free and let me know.

I am tagging FoUrTh


Penless Thoughts said...

Fun!!! I love your talent skills and I can truly see that in you. It's a great one!!!


Yes, I agree with Susan. You have seen things in me that I truly did not know was there.

I love your favorite meals,Mine too. Yum,yum.
connie fromTexas

MightyMom said...

ok I'kk do it after the poopcicle melts and goes away!

Jen in MS said...

I love reading these and getting to know a person more!

Have a blessed day!

MightyMom said...

OK, are you saying that you DO like onions or that you DON'T like onions...because..I couldn't cook without does one doooo that???

jennifer said...

Ok Mighty mom first ....I love onions, and eat at least one large onion every day!!!!

Susan thanks for the tag, I enjoyed this!

Connie I am glad to hear that we share another thing in common!! Yum!!

jen-thanks for stopping by. I hope the onion breath doesn't scare ya LOL!!

Momma Roar said...

This was fun to read - I don't drink alchol, coffee or tea either - see why I need my pepsi? I remember now, seeing before, that you had a dog named pepsi - what a terrific idea!!

Nerak said...

That was fun! I laughed so hard at the laundry thing because I am the same way. I am still trying to figure out what is so HARD about putting laundry away but I still never do it....I, too, have three...oops, no....four baskets sitting around me at this very moment!

By the way...being able to see those things in others is such a special thing and SO encouraging to other people. What a great gift to have.


MightyMom said...

by the way, Ms Mid-West America. You may not have much of an accent...I wouldn't know, you talk to FAST to figure it out!!

heeheehee. you're even faster than my NY hubby!! yikes!

I tried to call you today and wish you a happy aniversary but you didn't answer, so happy aniversary...I'll just have to sing you the song late I guess :-)

I'm back at this old post because I'm working on my tag.....

jennifer said...

Karen It is so refreshing with me too. Laundry is sadly being worn from the baskets. It is embarrassing, I can't even believe that it is this way for me:)or :(

Sarah-Sorry I talk fast, Bill says it is because my mind is going a million miles a minute, but who knows, I think having so many siblings made me aggressive for time, Please forgive me:)