Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Surprise... Creativity is Awesome!

I again am so amazed with the results I am seeing while homeschooling my bunch! I have been trying to play catch up on my laundry and I also received an amazing call from Sarah(AKA Mighty Mom)so I stepped away from the kids to visit in the back, and hang the laundry.

How great it was when I hung up! FoUrTh is working on a patch quilt and she quietly sat and sewed while I was on the phone. Second is working on a film and spent part of the time creating story boards and taking photo shots of the boat that he is using in the movie. Third spent the time polishing off 2 chapters in a book that he is writing.

I let out a cheer when I saw how they all worked independently on their projects. A few times during the call I tried to reign the kids in to complete the Preamble work, when I was unaware of how well they were doing.

I am so proud of them, and I got out the ice cream and served up sundaes!!! It is so neat to be a parent, especially on days like today!!

Oh and First called and is coming a home this I will have all my babies together for a day:)


MightyMom said...

it was wonderful to talk to you!

Glad your kids didn't destroy the house while I had you otherwise occupied....mine tried but, alas, failed. heeheehee.

can't wait to see that quilt...and the movie sounds wonderful...but need more input on that book.....

jennifer said...

My daughter is so cute...she loves the Raiders(like First) and so the flip side she is going to use a remnant of the Raiders fabric.

She is delicate and tough all wrapped into one!!

Third is writing a science fiction of sorts book, and loves Eragon, and Eldest, which were written by a home schooler!

And aside from never totally seeing the floor in the boys room, the house is fairly clean(for 3 kids, a dog, a guinea pig and 2 adults who ....)But when Bill and I ran out to make some copies we were called because one broke a dinner plate.

I just save the broken plates. Soon I will have enough to tile a small outside table!!! So I guess that is my lots for less tip:) When something gets broke, how can it be salvaged?!


Good for First. I know you all will really enjoy your weekend. I am very happy for you. connie from Texas

Momma Roar said...

This is so nice to read - to know that one day my children may be able to occupy themselves while I am on the phone. Out of all of them, the 8 month old seems to be the only one who can occupy himself - he just watches the other two play, run, jump, create, twirl, flip......and the list goes on!! :D