Friday, August 31, 2007

Prep For Trip To Arizona

Third and Second are never serious! They are helping Bill go over the checklist of prep before we leave on our trip to Mammoth, Arizona. They helped attach the rack for the bikes, and other things. As the camera came out, so did the antics!

Here Bill is kneeling telling Second what needs to be done. These boys are amazing and help Bill so much!

Third(and Second) constantly advertise their buffness!! So here is My Mr. T(remember the 80's tv show?)and his dad!

Here is an view of the 5th wheel, looking from the kids room down. It is a tip out so we add square feet when we stop.


MightyMom said...

so how many rooms are in the 5th wheel? you mentioned the kids' room and br, do you have a room too?

jennifer said...

I will take more pictures. We turned the bedroom into the kids suite. Then we have the bathroom with tub.

Then the living room, kitchen, and the couch folds out into a queen size bed(our room).

The kids room has a door and then a hall to the family room and a curtain!

It is about 270 square feet!!


I hope you all have a great trip and I know you will. I will be excited to see your pictures. I have never been to Arizonia either. Have fun. connie from Texas

Penless Thoughts said...

Safe journey. Angels before, after, above & under :o) Sounds like you've set it up to fit your needs.

MightyMom said...

I want to know how you got 6people in that truck. Or does someone ride in the 5th wheel??

Jackie said...

What fun, Jennifer! I love that your boys are getting to be so grown up and buff! My oldest son has done some recent growing, and I love to look at him and marvel at the budding man.

I also love those maps on the wall in the 5th wheel!