Thursday, August 16, 2007

History, Math, and Driving...Oh My!!

We have been slowly getting back into the groove of school, and so for the past week have been working on the Constitution, American History, math review, and drivers ed!!

Now the boys will have to take drivers ed. before they can get their permits, but I have had the Escort parked in our backyard...So I have been giving drivers ed. classes. FoUrTh sits at the picnic table and critiques each lesson.

So far we have done 3 point turns, reversing, parallel parking and the general logistics of driving in such a small place. If you are wondering, since we live in the desert, we have no grass and formed gardens around the sides of the yard. The center is open~dust~sand~dirt~(originally for an area to play)now it is open to drive.

They are doing remarkably well considering the first time fears associated with driving, and the very tight quarters of the training zone!

Today they will be working with some under the hood items. I feel that every driver should know the basic mechanics of an engine.

Oh and we will be memorizing the Preamble this week! will be lots of Home Ec. as the house needs some tidying first:-)


MightyMom said...

woo hooo!!
good for you! I still stink at parallel parking!! I think trying to drive in the back yard is a great idea! long as you're not attached to the flower beds. Under the hood is a must!! But I think you read my post on that.

inspired said...

i remember my first driving lesson Nightmare ;o]

Pam said...

That sounds like such fun! I remember taking Driver's Ed in 10th grade. At home, I would sit in my parents car and pretend I was driving to California!(from Florida)