Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fair Today!

UPDATE OF THE UPDATE!! Here's the photo of her Reserve Grand Champion, and Blue Ribbon!! Just click on the picture to see all better!!

Here is FoUrTh's Crookneck Swan entry! We dropped it off to the fairgrounds earlier today. So I haven't had too much chance to read any blogs yet! I will be visiting soon!

These are all the youth entries!!

Here is the Swan resting on the chair as we were prepping to leave for the fairgrounds.

We are heading out the door again to see how she did, as judging was over an hour ago! No matter what FoUrTh has put a tremendous effort into the garden, and this swan has been the icing on the cake!

UPDATE: We just were telephoned...FoUrTh won Reserve Grand Champion! Photos tonight with the ribbon.


A Note From Theresa said...

Do let me know how she did. I'm excited for you all. good luck Fourth.

Momma Roar said...

YAY - I can't wait to see photos later! How exciting! Congratulations Fourth!

Penless Thoughts said...

Yeah - I knew it!!!! What happened to the first comment I left? It's not here :o(


Oh, I am so happy and excited for fourth. I think she truly did deserve the award. She has done a great job. CONGRATULTIONS TO FOURTH FROM connie in Texas

Tina said...

Wow,that realy does look like a swan! I found you through my friend Tracy's blog.
I'll be back to visit again!

jennifer said...

Susan I did not see any other comment:( But see this one:)

I will add photos of FoUrTh tonight!

A Note From Theresa said...

Jennifer, Your blog Pen of Jen is not working right so I'll leave the comment here on your home school blog.

I have giving you a blog award. Come over and see.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!! Great job!!!! I love how the little swan is nestled in the cozy basket, too. Cute touch!!!

MightyMom said...

She definitely won my blue ribbon for presentation!! Soooo much cuter than a paper plate!

Penless Thoughts said...

Where's the picture of Fourth holding the ribbons? :o)

Momma Roar said...


Jackie said...

Congratulations, Fourth! Yippee!

I LOVE how you presented that darling swan.

jennifer said...

Thank you everyone for your kind comments!! We took 2 pictures last night and my camera battery died, but the local newspaper took pictures of all the winners which should come out today or tomorrow!!