Saturday, July 14, 2007

Silent Saturday!

OK not so silent, just a few pictures from today!



Those pictures speak volumns. I love every word you said. They were beautiful. connie from Texas

Anonymous said...

I so agree with Connie - delightful of a loving family.


Penless Thoughts said...

Each picture speaks volumes!!!

Jackie said...

awwwwh, so sweet!

Anonymous said...

I love the photos!! The kids look great, so do the flowers, and I have to say your daughter's kitty cat skirt is really cute, too!!!! =)

jennifer said...

Connie thank you so much for always saying the right thing. I so love the blessings that the Lord has entrusted in me.
Peter thank you so much. I am having problems accessing my wordpress acct. So I must only post here and Pen of Jen. I am so pleased that others see the love that that we share.

Susan Like I commented before, I am so pleased that others see it. I cannot wait to see you in your new car!!!(((HUGS RIGHT BACK TO YOU))
Jackie thanks so much and I agree!
Kitty of course it is cute (two fold)kITTY like you and I made this for FoUrTh out of out grwon jeans from Third. I do love to save money. It is a tad large, but she loves it and wears this skirt often, along with a little house on the prairie skirt!

Kelli said...

Great pictures! Your kiddos are so cute!

jennifer said...

Thank you Kelli!