Saturday, July 14, 2007

I am Asking My Blog Friends For Photos

Please read this post that I wrote the other day. I am putting together a post, I would like to have done by August 20, of my readers buying one weeks worth of groceries and the cost. Please try and take a picture of you in front of the groceries like the link did!

Something to Chew On


Valarie said...

Hey Jennifer! Thanks for stoppin' by my blog!! Love the way God is linkin' all of us together! He's so Creative!! LOVE IT!

I'll be poppin' back soon and please come by and see me again.

What part of OH did you grow up in? I've got a ton of family there as well.
Take care.

Jackie said...

Jennifer, I'm really fascinated about the groceries picture. I'll try to do it, but I'm already running into problems. I've got one picture of warehouse buys today and I'm planning on getting more groceries tomorrow -- just feels like I'm shoveling it into hungry mouths -- and those groceries are supposed to last for two weeks. Will that be okay to go ahead anyway? If it doesn't help for your blog, I may just do a post for my blog. I'm always writing about grocery trips anyway!

jennifer said...

Thank you Valarie for stopping by. I know God is amazing! And I too will be back:)
Jackie I will work with what you have, or do. I am very excited to put together this post.

Anonymous said...

There is only one picture - which best describes me and guess what?